Everything you need to know about biomarkers to prevent fetal death

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New biomarkers discovered in maternal blood can allow doctors to prevent fetal death.

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Lead author David Wishart said: "When we started to analyze the blood of women who experienced fetal death and compared them to healthy women, we noticed that there is a chemical difference. "This suggested that we could predict and potentially prevent fetal death."

Using a mass spectrometer, Wishart and her colleagues examined the maternal blood and identified four chemicals that were constantly appearing in mothers experiencing fetal death.

Combining this with demographic information about the mothers, the researchers discovered biomarkers to predict the signs of fetal death in the first trimester, including a fifth blood chemical, hitherto unknown, called verruculotoxin.

"Verrucotoxin is probably produced by microbes and fungi. "This is intriguing because there is anecdotal information about people living in certain areas where there are high-level cases of having high rates of fetal death," Wishart explained.

Using this approach, scientists could develop tools and technology to detect many other preventable diseases that affect both. woman And the children, he added.

Wishart also said: "This investigation is the tip of a larger iceberg. "By looking at the chemicals in the mother's blood, we can identify the risk not only of fetal death, but of a whole range of other conditions for both the mother and the fetus."

Focusing on the chemicals inside the body gives scientists a clearer view of the possible causes and reasons. It also opens possibilities to apply this technique to other conditions related to the risk that may occur during pregnancy.

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