Enema detoxification – Why and how?

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If there was a pump failure or a major blockage in the city's sewer system, it is not hard to imagine what might happen. All the pipes would be supported when an immovable material arrived, creating a gigantic crisis that would threaten the health of all those who lived in the city. Many of the devastating plagues and diseases that literally destroyed cities and entire communities arose from open sewers and the improper disposal of waste. If the sewer recedes, dangerous health problems occur.

Similarly, in the human body, major health problems may be due to significant obstructions and toxic accumulations that occur over time in the digestive system. Think again about the analogy of your digestive tract as the "River of Life" or "River of Death," depending on what you choose to float downstream (in most of your life). The digestive system can be turned off if it becomes clogged with toxic waste because "food without food" and nutritionally deficient "lifeless drinks" are ingested regularly over time. The accumulation of toxic materials in the intestine can cause a condition known as autointoxication, since the poisons in the intestine are absorbed into the bloodstream, which ends up intoxicating the whole body.

Why did this happened? It is no secret that the most important reasons are inadequate eating and exercise habits. Modern civilization, especially the industrialized nations, has the greatest intestinal alterations. That is why a great "war" is being fought against bowel cancer. We are told that it is a mystery where intestinal cancer comes from, however, the native peoples who live near the earth and nature do not experience intestinal problems, and diseases such as diverticulitis and colitis are practically unknown.

Colonic hygiene is essential for the general continuous maintenance of health and vitality in the human body. That is why fasting from time to time (giving the "house a break" from the digestion of food) is so important to maintain optimal health and remain free of disease. That is why colonic irrigation and enema are ancient and brilliant therapies that more and more people use today to help with the "cleaning of the house". And that is precisely why clean water and a diet that predominates in the foods of whole plants is so important to maintain a happy, healthy and clean digestive system.

The more we move away from natural foods and the more we depend on artificial and unnatural foods, the more certain it becomes that disease and disease increase in frequency and intensity. The way we grow, harvest, process and market our food is the root of many diseases in our population. I do not need to explain the economic factors that are now ravaging the supply of food to the masses. But, again, that's why personal care is so important. That's why we need to THINK about what we incorporate into our bodies and take personal responsibility for that.

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How to make an enema

by Dr Linda Page, ND

We shower every day to clean ourselves, but why do not we shower inside? Enemas release old and embedded colon debris, discharge parasites, cool G.I. Treat and make the cleaning process easier and more complete. Enemas accelerate any cleaning for better results. They are especially useful during a healing crisis, after a serious illness to accelerate healing or eliminate drug residues. It is reported that migraines and skin problems, such as psoriasis, disappear after enemas.

The procedure for an effective detoxification enema.

Place 1 liter of warm filtered water in an enema bag. Hang the bag about 18 inches higher than the body. Connect the colon tube and lubricate your accessory with coconut or olive oil. It expels a little water so that the air bubbles come out. Lying on your left side, slowly insert the attachment about 2 inches into the rectum. Never use force. Turn the accessory gently to facilitate insertion. Open the water valve so water can flow. Remove twists from the tube so that the fluid flows freely. Massage the abdomen, or flex and contract the stomach muscles to relieve colic. When all the solution has entered the colon, slowly remove the tube and remain on the left side for 5 minutes. Then, put yourself in a kneeling position with the weight of your body on your knees and one hand. Use the other hand to massage the lower left side of the abdomen for several minutes.

Massage breaks old fecal matter. Roll on your back for 5 minutes, massaging the descending colon, the transverse colon to the right side and the ascending colon to the bottom. Then move to your right side for 5 minutes, to reach each part of the colon. Get up and quickly expel the toilet. Sticky grayish-brown mucus, small dark crunchy pieces, or hard ribbony pieces usually loosen and expel during an enema. These poisonous-looking things are obstacles and toxins that interfere with normal body functions. An enema eliminates them. You may need to take several enemas until there is more evidence of these substances.

Fresh wheat grass juice enemas stimulate the liver to cleanse. The nutrients from the Wheatgrass enema are absorbed by the hemorrhoidal vein, just inside the anal sphincter, and then circulate to the liver, where they increase the peristaltic action of the colon and attract waste and old fecal matter like a magnet that is removed from the body. Wheatgrass juice tones the colon and is absorbed into the blood, adding oxygen and energy to the body. Use pure water for an initial colon rinse enema. Then, use approximately one cup of water with 4 ounces of fresh wheat grass juice. Hold the juice for ten minutes while massaging the colon area. Then, expel in the bathroom.

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A colonic irrigation is a "super enema"

Both colonics and enemas are effective in a detoxification program. The benefits are a matter of degree, but they are dramatically different, both in terms of waste disposal and body improvement. Your colon is more than five feet long. If you want to clean everything you need a colon irrigation. This is how a colonic works. A colonic irrigation uses special equipment and gravity (or oxygen for more control) to give your colon an internal bath.

To take a colonic, lie down on a special board for colema that is about three feet below the temperature-controlled water flow. A speculum is gently inserted into your rectum and, under the professional's control, a steady flow of water flows smoothly from a small tube of water. There is no discomfort, no internal pressure, only a flow of soft and constant water that enters and leaves the colon through the evacuation tube, which carries the stool and impacted mucous membranes. Unlike an enema, a colonic irrigation does not involve water retention. As the water leaves the colon, the professional gently massages the abdomen to help the colon release its contents, recover its natural form and normalize the action of the peristaltic wave. A vision tube allows you to see the colonic material that is released, an uplifting experience. It does nothing but sit back and relax while cleaning the entire colon.

A colonic irrigation uses approximately 40 gallons of water and takes approximately forty-five minutes. The colonic procedure is not offensive, nor painful. The first thing that most people feel after a colonic irrigation is a feeling of lightness, energy and a better feeling of well-being. Condition of the skin, improves digestion and immune response. Body odor and bad breath disappear essentially, as does abdominal distention.

Colonics are best done at night so you can relax and retire to rest while resting. For the best results, take a green herbal drink mixed with probiotics before and after the colon.

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