Emotional Intelligence and Personality Types A / b.

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Emotional intelligence and type A / B personality of management students.

Vidya Barnes *


The study sought to find a relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Type A / B personality, composed of 89 Management students from different Mumbai Management Institutes. There were 36 students from MMS (Master of Management Studies in EM), 34 students from BMS (Bachelor in EM) and 19 students from DMS (Diploma in EM) in the study. The finding has shown a non-significant correlation between IE and Type A / B personality (p: <-0.05). There was a significant mean difference in the scores between the MMS and BMS students in EI ((t: 3.89, p: <0.01) and personality type A / B ((t: 3.36, p: <0.01), there was also a significant difference between MMS students and DMS in EI (t: 3.56, p: <0.01) and Personality type A / B (t: 5.5, p: <0.01), and there was a significant difference in means between BMS and DMS in the personality Type A / B (t: 2.23, p: <0.05)) The averages obtained by the MMS group were higher than the other two groups of students in the variables of EI (224.30) and personality type A / B (35.28) The results indicate that MMS students have a higher level of EI and are more competitive, hard-working and highly motivated individuals.

* Vidya Barnes, Ph.D Fellow of the Janakidevi Bajaj Management Studies Institute, SNDT Women's University, Mumbai

Research article "EI and personality types A / B" (2012) published in Bombay Psychologist, vol. XXVIII.

Read the full article "Emotional intelligence and personality types A / b" that Ms. Idya Barnes wrote on Practo.com here: https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/emotional-intelligence-and-personality-types- ab -7937 / post

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