Eliminate uric acid from your body in a few simple steps

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Gout is a health problem caused by excess uric acid in the feet, especially around small bones. The metabolic disorder is often followed by severe attacks of pain, caused by the crystallization of uric acid. Some people experience severe pain and swelling that develops quickly. The inadequate metabolism of uric acid fails to eliminate toxic waste adequately and all ends up with limestone deposits. The condition is also known as hyperuricemia. The strange thing is that only a few people who suffer from this health problem develop gout. Another cause of unsuccessful elimination of uric acid is inadequate renal function. This is the exact place in the process where small crystals tend to accumulate in your joint.

eliminate uric acid

What can you do to alleviate this condition?

You can support your body in many ways. This will bring you many health benefits and improve your general condition. You can make some changes in lifestyle and diet. If you want to heal, this is where you can start. Drink plenty of water so that your system can function impeccably. If you hydrate your body well enough, it can facilitate the removal of uric acid, toxins and waste material. Water your body as if it were a plant. With the best nutrients, care and love. Now let's take a look at some tonics that can help you.

Lemon water

If you mix water and lemon, you will get an incredible tonic. When in the body, this drink creates an alkaline environment and protects the body from the creation of uric acid crystals. How do you do it? Just add the juice squeezed out of half a lemon in 200 milliliters of warm water. Drink this "potion" in the morning, before drinking or eating something else.

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This spice is rich in curcumin. This substance has a crucial role in protecting the liver and provides a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect. Just add it to your diet, tonics or shakes, and your benefits will show.

Sodium bicarbonate

This powder is a surprising prophylactic agent when it comes to the removal of excess uric acid. Just stir half a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup full of water. Make sure the soda has dissolved and take the alkaline solution daily. If you experience sudden pain attacks, add an entire teaspoon of baking soda.

Apple cider vinegar

This drink provides an effect similar to that of lemon water. The drink contains malic acid, which stimulates the elimination of excess uric acid. Just add a tablespoon of natural apple vinegar in a cup filled with 200 ml of water. Stir well and take the tonic before your meals.

Once you start living healthy, the healing process is on the way. Make raw whole grains, sea food and lean meat to your best friends. Also, be sure to cut foods rich in processed sugars, alcohol and saturated fats.

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