Eliminate tendinitis with these homemade solutions.

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Suffer from the inflammation of the tendons? Here is everything you need to know to cure it at home.

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Have you heard of the tennis elbow or golfer's elbow or the pitcher's shoulder or the swimmer's shoulder or the jumper's knee? Do not confuse them with sports, although most of them have a prefix related to sports. These are different ways of tendonitis – an inflammation or irritation of the tendons, the fibrous cords that join our muscles to the bones. Not only those who are in the world of sports, but others are affected by these forms of tendonitis. In case you experience a dull pain, specifically when moving the affected limb or joint, the sensitivity of the affected area and the slight swelling, try these home remedies before hitting your doctor. Tendinitis is a condition that, for the most part, requires personal care and can be easily relieved with your pain. Here are the best home remedies for the cure of tendonitis.

The ice pack will reduce spasms: The simplest and safest way of self-healing, the ice pack, is a savior for all who suffer from tendonitis. When you apply ice to the affected muscles, it rapidly decreases muscle tensions and spasms in the area, reducing inflammation along with muscle and joint pain. In case you do not have ice, Try it with a cold spoon or a package of frozen vegetables..

The heat can overcome your pain: Apply heat to affected muscles or joints through a hot water bottle or heating pad for 20 minutes. It will improve the blood circulation in the area, dilating the underlying capillaries, smoothing the blood flow and slightly raising the temperature of that region. All these relieve pain and release the tension of the tendons.

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The massage with olive oil pushes the blood flow: Massaging olive oil in the affected area can provide instant relief Of pain tendinitis. Massage plays an active role in stimulating blood flow in and around injured muscles and relieves pain, pain and muscle spasms. In addition, slightly warm olive oil doubles the benefits of massage due to its healing properties. Do it twice a day for 15 minutes and observe the magic yourself.

Epsom salt as a healer: The content of magnesium sulfate in Epsom salt when absorbed through the skin provides magnesium to the body. This helps to aid in the healing process of damaged connective tissues and muscles. Put some of this salt in warm water and soak or sponge the clogged area. Both hot water and magnesium will do wonders.

Wraps of vinegar, the anti-inflammatory agent: Cold and hot vinegar wraps at alternate intervals can reduce the pain of tendonitis and combat the associated inflammation. This method relaxes aching muscles and minimizes inflammation simultaneously due to the alternatives of cold and hot wraps.

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Reference: https://www.thehealthsite.com/diseases-conditions/abate-tendinitis-with-these-home-solutions-sc1708/, by Sreemoyee Chatterjee

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