Eating habits of Indian teenagers

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Teens are full of mental and physical energy. They are in the state of the age of the body's construction, since the final ossification of the bones and the process of full development up to adulthood is taking place. On top of that, they are in a confused state of mind; As the secondary sexual characteristics begin to show their presence in your body. At this age they should eat healthy foods; However, many of these adolescent children have defective eating habits and these habits also continue in their young. Based on my observation and experience as a homeopath, I can list these common habits …

They tend to skip breakfast, since they can not handle the morning, school, and university work hours.

Drink less water, since the dirty and smelly state of the toilets of schools and colleges obliges them to avoid their use. They can not control the pressure of the bladder for so long, so they drink less water. [commonly seen in girls]. Sometimes they drink less than a liter of water a day.

There are many attractions about fast, junk food In the electronic and social networks that influences children's eating habits. At this age, they get pocket money that they prefer to spend alone when they eat bakery products or go to small food places. They do not mind eating alone, which reduces their habit of sharing food, they become more self-centered.

Many teens love to eat spicy vegetable dishes at home with sauces, lots of potatoes and no vegetables. Food instead of green leafy vegetables and raw salads. Some prefer just rice and dal with pickles. Even if they eat vegetables, the amount is too small.

They hate to eat fruits on their own, prefer to drink aerated aerated drinks with flavors and artificial sweeteners instead of natural drinks such as fruit juices, coconut water, etc. They hate to drink milk.

I. These and many other defective eating habits are destroying the health of adolescents today. Consume more salt, fats, trance fatty acids, simple sugars, artificial flavoring agents, preservatives, fewer diets with fiber, foods with fewer nutrients, many harmful products and many calories. This is the future generation of Indians; They need to understand the problems they will face in the future.

ii. Instead of spending money on beauty products, they can improve their eating habits to brighten their skin.

iii. Parents should watch closely how their children spend their pocket money.

iv. A little control over the mind and the memory of the science lessons in the school will help this future generation to improve their eating habits; "

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