Eat a serving of fruits daily and see the benefits

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A study published in 2012, in The Global Burden Disease Study, analyzed the causes of death in 50 countries, involving more than 300 institutions and almost 500 researchers.

Fruits can save your life

In most countries, the number one killer is our diet, especially if we do not eat enough fruits. The lack of fruits in the diets is causing almost 4.9 million deaths annually in the world. What scientists say is that if people ate at least one serving of fruits and / or vegetables per day, they could save their lives.

But why are fruits and vegetables vital to the human body? One of the main reasons is because they fight platelets, which are responsible for the formation of blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks. Platelets also cause inflammation that plays an important role in allergies, hardening of the arteries, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

When the person is healthy, the platelets are in an inactive state, but once they are activated, they can release inflammatory chemicals that affect the inflammatory cells and form pockets of pus in the arterial walls. In the end, they may burst, leading to death.

Can fruits prevent this situation?

Platelet hyperreactivity has been associated with elevated cholesterol levels. To counteract your activity, you should not only increase your consumption of vegetables and fruits, but you should also reduce saturated fats and dietary cholesterol. Studies have shown that adding strawberries to your diet may decrease the amount of activated platelets in your body.

Aspirin can also reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, but unfortunately, it can also cause bleeding problems and severe gastrointestinal disorders. Again, the fruits come to our aid. Some of the fruits that contain natural aspirin are apples, cranberries, cherries, figs, dates, grapefruit, kiwis, grapes, peaches, plums, raspberries and strawberries.

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How many fruits and vegetables should you eat each day?

According to specialists, you should eat at least one serving a day. For an adult, a portion means 80 g and to get the best results, you should eat five servings a day, which means 400 g. Whether you eat them on your own or adding them to soups, salads, pasta dishes or stews, fruits and vegetables should not be lacking in your diet. You should remember that raw vegetables and fruits will contain the most nutrients, while the cooking process can eliminate some nutrients.

Fruits contain nutrients that are vital to our health. Potassium in fruits reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney stone development. It also decreases bone loss as we get older. Folic acid helps the body create red blood cells and prevents congenital neural tube defects. Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy, and minerals and vitamins will keep you healthy and energized.

Fruits and vegetables are tasty and are a big part of any dish, giving it flavor, color and healthy nutrients. Try adding more of them to your daily diet and you will feel its benefits in your body and in your overall health.

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