Dr. Oz: 5 food tricks that fight cellulite – Advice from specialists

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85% of women face this problem, and there is no standard treatment for them, but it seems that cellulite reacts to several external factors, such as diet and hormonal treatments. Learn from Dr. Oz how to fight cellulite!

Dr. Oz says that cellulite is a problem that doctors around the world study extensively, because the exact causes are not known and there is no standard treatment that gives good results in all cases. But there are some external factors that can influence the development of cellulite, and among them are diet and various hormonal treatments.

Here are the anti-cellulite solutions recommended by Dr. Oz:

1 – Do not give up tomatoes or ketchup:

Dr. Oz recommends eating quality ketchup because it has a high lycopene content. According to a recent study published in the British Journal of Dermatology, tomato pastes have the ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and stimulate the production of collagen. It makes the skin elastic, firm and the cellulite will be less visible.
2 – Avoid stress:

Although cellulite is a source of stress for you, you should try to be a quiet person, because stress hormones (especially insulin and cortisol) influence the functioning of fat cells. Therefore, it is recommended to forgo processed products that have a high glycemic index and cause spikes in blood glucose, which stimulates the release of insulin. It is recommended to gradually replace all these products that are based on refined white flour; instead, you can choose products that contain whole grains. In addition, green tea is a reliable ally to combat stress and cellulite.

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3 – Eat fresh pineapples:

Due to an enzyme called bromelain, fresh pineapple has an anti-inflammatory effect. Experts say that inflammation is the source of many diseases, including heart disease. In addition, cellulite visibly weakens when the inflammation in the body is reduced. Therefore, do not hesitate to eat raw pineapples as often as you can, or choose a bromelain supplement if it suits you better.
4 – Eat vegetables that contain high water content:

Hydration is one of the most effective solutions to help improve the appearance of the skin. Drink pure water and herbal tea, but also, it is better to include more raw vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Cucumbers, pumpkins and vegetables are highly recommended to combat cellulite.
5 – Do not throw your money at expensive treatments:

There are many modern devices that promise to get rid of cellulite, but experts warn that these are some trends that in a few years will no longer be fashionable, because the results are spectacular and short-term. At this time, there is no modern equipment to ensure that you get rid of 100% cellulite, so you should not throw all your money in the latest "special" products advertised.

Dr. Oz: 5 food tricks that fight cellulite – Specialist advice, Article Source: https://www.brighthealing.com/dr-oz-5-foods-tricks-that-fight-cellulite-specialist-advice /

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