Does whey protein have dangerous side effects? (Consultation of aptitude)

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Do those muscle-building magic shakes have dangerous side effects?

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Hi. My name is Nishant. I have heard that whey protein is excellent for building muscles, but it has many side effects. Basically, I am afraid of all kinds of supplements for physical exercise but I want to increase the volume. Should I take whey protein? Please tell me the side effects of it.

Whey is simply a by-product of cheese production. But, on the other hand, whey protein generally comes in three forms: concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed. The first is not very popular because it does not come in flavors whereas the isolate has less fat and contains 90% whey protein by weight. In the case of hydrolyzate, it is pre-digested and acts very fast. On the downside, it is very expensive and is usually out of reach for gym goers.

Now, like everything else, whey protein also has some side effects. Since it is composed mainly of proteins, excessive consumption can lead to the formation of kidney stones. In addition, too much protein can exert too much pressure on your liver, which needs to work overtime to integrate it into your system.

Some studies suggest that the high presence of proteins in the body can cause a mineral imbalance that can cause the loss of bone mineral density and, of course, the high content of lactose can cause constipation. In addition, people with lactose intolerance should avoid whey protein and, instead, should consume soy proteins. Read some data on powdered proteins.

What you need to understand essentially is that the whey proteins or any other supplement are not magical beans, which will instantly give you the body of your dreams. Many of the side effects of supplements are also due to unhealthy eating habits and excessive consumption. Personal trainer Anil Bailu told us: "Whey proteins are absolutely essential for the regular customers of the gym, it restores the energy that has been exhausted during training and provides the body with the proteins it needs so much. and muscle repair, although you should also eat natural proteins such as fish, chicken, turkey, soy and almonds, whey protein is a supplement and should not be a substitute for real food, but treated as a supplement ". You may also want to read 6 protein sources for vegetarians.

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