Does low hemoglobin count? Try these natural ways to improve your levels.

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Popping an iron pill can help you raise your heamoglobin levels, but it does not hurt to go naturally.

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Do your blood reports show that your hemoglobin levels are below normal? Well, your doctor may prescribe iron supplements or vitamins, depending on what caused the levels to decrease to return to normal. But these tablets can help you only for a short period of time. Once you stop taking the supplements, your hemoglobin levels may decrease again unless you incorporate some changes in your diet to maintain your hemoglobin levels naturally. (Read: Diet tips to overcome anemia and increase hemoglobin.)

Tips to increase hemoglobin levels naturally:

Although there are many more reasons such as blood loss, bone marrow defects, CancerKidney problems and the use of certain medications that can cause low levels of hemoglobin, nutritional deficiency of iron, folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B12 is the most common reason for low levels of hemoglobin. The deficiency of each of these can be corrected by adding different foods to the diet. Let's look at them individually. Are here 11 healthy foods to improve your hemoglobin count.

Low levels of hemoglobin due to iron deficiency: Lack of iron anemia It can be easily corrected including sources rich in iron in the diet.

Leafy vegetables such as spinach (palak) and fenugreek leaves (Methi), beans and lentils as masoor daal, chole, moong daal, toor daal, urad daal, rajma They are also good sources of iron to turn to. Are here some health benefits of Methi, You need to know. Asparagus (shatwar) and sesame seeds (until) are other good sources of iron. Grains like barley (jav), rice (Chawal), semolina (sooji), Son (bajra) and corn (makai) It can also be included. You can use the combination of any of these sources to cook delicious iron-rich recipes. If not, chew dried fruits such as almonds (Badaam), dried peaches or raisins (manuka). If you are non-vegetarian, meat and fish are the best sources of iron for you.

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In case your hemoglobin levels are low despite the consumption of these iron-rich foods, your body may not be able to absorb the available iron adequately. So, here are some diet tips to increase iron absorption:

Add dried herbs to your diet, especially cilantro (dhania), green mintpudding), basil (tulsi), chervil (chevil), dried parsley (sukhe ajamoda), bay leaf (tejpatta). Another way to increase iron absorption is to minimize the intake of calcium-rich foods such as milk and cheese, since they block iron absorption. Do not drink too much coffee, tea and alcohol. Avoid eating foods that contain gluten, such as pasta and wheat products, which are also related to anemia. Read more about Beat anemia with beets. Sometimes, foods like parsley (ajwain) that are rich in oxalic acid can also interfere with the absorption of iron. Have them in limited quantities.

Low levels of hemoglobin due to vitamin C deficiency: Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from food. So without the proper vitamin C, iron from food sources will not be absorbed efficiently.

Low levels of hemoglobin due to vitamin C deficiency can be corrected by eating fruits such as guava (peru / amrud), kiwi, papaya, oranges, strawberries and grapefruit. Add all the fruits to make a delicious fruit salad or make your mixed fruit juice. Read more about 15 reasons to include vitamin C in your diet. You can also get vitamin C from vegetables, including pepper (Simla Mirch), broccoli (hara phool gobi), cabbage (Gobi), tomatoes and spinach (palak).

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Low levels of hemoglobin due to folic acid deficiency: If your hemoglobin count is low because your body does not make enough red blood cells, then you may have a deficiency of folic acid, a B-complex vitamin that is required to make red blood cells.

Folic acid sources include lentils, dried beans, peas, Brussels sprouts (chota gobi band), banana, corn (makai), beet, pineapple and peanuts. (Note: if you have more sources of vitamin C, you will also have to increase your folic acid intake because vitamin C causes the excretion of folic acid in your body.Breakfast cereals, like rice, are also just sources of acid Folic, here they are 5 natural sources of folic acid that you need in your diet..

To know the role of hemoglobin in the body, read Why is hemoglobin important?

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