Do you need a natural remedy for insomnia? Nutmeg will do the trick

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Studies show that about 30% of adults in the United States suffer from insomnia. This means that one in three Americans do not get enough sleep, which affects their daily lives and relationships.

nutmeg for insomnia

Desperate to sleep a little during the night and return to a normal life, many of them turn to pharmaceutical products to help them, encouraging the sleeping pills industry to produce more products as a result. Yes, sleeping pills can solve the problem, but their side effects will bring many more health problems.

What is insomnia?

Anyone who can not sleep is diagnosed with insomnia. Lack of sleep can result in waking up frequently during the night, having difficulty falling asleep, not getting enough sleep or getting up too early. The causes of insomnia can be psychological, biological or social factors and can include depression, anxiety, medical problems or high blood pressure.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are slightly different. Insomnia is defined by having the right environment and resources to sleep, but internal factors prevent the person from sleeping. Lack of sleep is caused by insomnia, but faults are external factors, such as feeling physically uncomfortable, loud noises or too much light.

Symptoms of insomnia

Not getting enough sleep can seriously affect the normal course of life and daily activities. The symptoms range from fatigue, irritability, moodiness and anger to anxiety, headaches, poor memory, lack of concentration and coordination or lack of energy.

These symptoms, in addition to the fact that they are very annoying, can also be very dangerous, especially if the person affected by insomnia operates heavy machines at work or drives regularly. Insomnia affects especially middle-aged and older adults, and women are more likely than men.

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Side effects of sleeping pills

Sleeping pills are effective in treating insomnia and helping the patient to sleep a little. But the dangerous side effects that appear at the same time should cause someone to think twice before taking such pills. They vary from headaches, heartburn and constipation / diarrhea, to deterioration the next day, difficulty maintaining balance, memory problems, uncontrollable tremors, daytime sleepiness and even unusual dreams.

The side effects of sleeping pills are double that of insomnia. Sleeping pills work by depressing the central nervous system, which leads to a variety of problems. So why not try a natural remedy, with no side effects to worry about?

Nutmeg for insomnia

Besides giving a great flavor to our dishes, nutmeg is also an incredible natural cure for insomnia and sleep deprivation. It contains a natural organic compound, called myristicin, that inhibits the release of enzymes that cause stress. Nutmeg is a powerful sedative, which accelerates the process of falling asleep despite the external factors that are the cause of lack of sleep.

Just put a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg powder in a glass of water and drink it an hour before going to sleep. You will see the amazing effects of this ingredient and you will get rid of the sleeping pills once and for all.

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