Do you have ghosts? Try these tips and keep going.

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Have you been a ghost? No need to worry. Follow these tips and overcome the situation. Someone better, a human and not a ghost is waiting for you.

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Being ghosts It's the last thing you would expect from someone. Nothing, apart from that, can be more. Painful, terrible, humiliating, confusing and heartbreaking. when it comes to dating or a relationship. In case your friend gives you a pat on the back and suggests some amazing series to see or eat the amount of chocolate your tummy can take to get past this phantom phase, it does not necessarily help. This is because he is confused and left hanging and simply does not realize what could have gone wrong. Here are a couple of tips that can help you overcome the baffling mental state.

First understand if you have been really ghost: This may not be easy. Your ego will surely put you in a dilemma and you must also be very brave to clarify your part of confusion in the most decent way possible. In case you stop receiving messages or phone calls or disconnect completely with the person you have been dating, just ask them to send it to you once. In case he or she responds, try to evaluate that text. You will definitely discover where you are standing. In case there is not an answer, understand it, he or she is not as brave as you. Therefore, it is not worth losing more time.
Examine your relationship honestly: This is something very close to my heart as I have faced it. Again, it is not a bed of roses to start evaluating your relationship also after being a ghost. But you have to do it like you have to come soon. A verification of reality is essential here. In case your appointment was limited to interactions through text messages and nighttime connections on alternate weekends, it was never a substantial relationship. Was that? Ask yourself and you certainly know the answer. Even if it hurts to accept initially, it will surely help you. Never try to cope with a situation where you feel you are asking too much.
Do not blame yourself. Now you know the ghoster better: Again, you must face yourself and think if you want to be with someone who can simply disappear like a coward. He or she did not have the integrity to summarize it decently and certainly it can not be the right one in your life.
Take this time to understand how exactly you would like your relationship to be: Instead of breaking your head about why you have been a ghost, take this moment to realize that, according to you, it is a perfect relationship. It will help you plan better next time and will also assess your partner's ability to keep you happy.

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