Do you feel pain when passing stools? (ANAL FISURA)

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What is anal fissure?

Anal fissure is the most common cause of painful defecation (opening of the intestines). Most of the time it is also associated with bleeding, but not all the time. It is a small cut in the anal canal to the skin.

The pain of passing the movement that can last until a few hours later is the most common complaint. This is usually associated with constipation (passing hard stools / pushing hard to open the bowel). Sometimes it is seen after an episode of loose movement.

How is such intense pain caused?

The easiest way to understand is that if you suffer a small cut while cutting vegetables, the pain will persist until the cut heals and gets worse every time you touch something, including clothes. In the same way, the pain is stimulated when the feces pass through the anal canal that touches the fissure.

What is the treatment of anal fissure?

When properly treated in the initial stages, the fissure heals up to 75% with medication. The longer the duration, the less likely it is to heal with creams and may need a simple surgery to relax the sphincters so that the fissure can heal.

The main treatment stay includes keeping the stools soft. This is usually achieved with laxatives during the period of anal fissure, but in the long term, by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking at least 3 liters of water in a day and exercising.

Local anesthetic cream applied 20 minutes before moving will help relieve pain. The second cream helps to relax the muscle that helps in the healing of the fissure. With this treatment it usually heals 50-60% of the fissures.

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The next step should be the injection of BOTOX into the sphincters if patients are affordable. This will increase the chances of healing up to 75-80%. This is more advisable in women, since they have small and weak sphincters compared to men and more can also be damaged at the time of vaginal delivery. The injection of BOTOX causes only the temporary relaxation of the muscles (up to 6 months) so that the fissure can heal.

On the other hand, in patients in whom the fissure is not cured by conservative treatment, simple surgery is required. This will reduce the pain significantly within 24 hours.

What is chronic anal fissure?

Any anal fissure that has not healed even after 6 weeks is called chronic anal fissure. It is unlikely that conservative measures will work and surgery may be needed most of the time.

What are the complications of anal fissure?

A small skin tag (sentinel skin tag) can be developed in chronic fissures. Otherwise, some patients may experience itching.

The fissure will never lead to cancer.

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