Discover the miraculous benefits of pure emu oil

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The Australian aborigines have used a secret ingredient In his healing arsenal for thousands of years. Treat such a wide range of health conditions that you could clean your medicine cabinet at once.

Did you know that this miraculous ingredient has been used successfully to reduce inflammation, heal wounds, relieve arthritis pain to muscle and joint pains, and much more?

The natural cure comes from the emu bird, which is only found in Australia: it thrives in the harsh Australian climate. The benefits of emu oil are remarkable and have been used throughout the world as a safe and effective natural healing treatment for burns, cuts, scars, eczema, dry skin and other skin irritations.

How emu oil benefits your skin and your body

The fatty lipids of emu oil mimic those found in the upper layer of the skin. Emu oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipids, this type of fatty compound is so similar to the fatty acids found in human skin that it can absorb skin faster than other oils and creams.

The Forsyth Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, published a study on emu oil and its anti-inflammatory properties, which shows the remarkable effect applied topically on the skin. The results were promising in that emu oil. Significant reduction of inflammation of inflammation within 6 to 12 hours when applied directly.

Another research study at Boston University found that emu oil can actually It stimulates the regeneration of skin cells and helps people with thinning of the skin, pressure ulcers and arthritis. benefits of emu oil

An important antioxidant and healing agent

The aborigines have used the emu for thousands of years as a source of food, clothing, jewelry and even oil as a natural remedy. The Aborigines discovered when applied to the skin, emu oil offered protection from the sun, was an excellent moisturizer, relieved muscle and joint pain, and was effective in bruising.

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Vitamin E is added to emu oil as a natural preservative. It is also an important antioxidant and healing agent.

Emu oil also contains:

• Vitamin A, a known skin repair and antioxidant.
• Linoleic acid, which helps relieve muscle pain and joint pain
• Oleic acid, a proven skin cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle agent
• Sapógenos, skin softeners tested.
• Terpinas, known antiseptics.

Enjoying the beneficial results of emu oil

Emu oil is the 100% natural way to pamper your skin. Avoiding any trace of chemical products or harmful additives. Unlike other oils, emu oil is totally free of phospholipids, just as human skin also lacks phospholipids.

When you have used oil-based products that contain phospholipids, the skin naturally tries to block the penetration. This barrier leaves the lotion or cream on the surface of the skin. Because emu oil does not have phospholipids, the skin allows it to penetrate and penetrate much deeper and faster. This deep penetration allows Superior moisturization of the skin and a more effective contribution of the healing properties of medicines, and helps analgesics reach the muscles and joints.

When combined with ingredients to relieve pain, such as mentholThe deep penetration of emu oil allows it to go directly to the muscles and joints and contributes to a reduction in:

• Inflammation
• Joint pain
• Rigidity
• bruises
• Muscle pain

The moisturizing properties of emu oil can:

• Softens and conditions rough elbows, knees and heels.
• Smooth and hydrate hands and cuticles.
• Reduce itching and peeling associated with dry skin
• Protect the face and hands from wind and weather

Skin care products with emu oil contain powerful antioxidants, as well as an acquaintance Regenerator of skin cells and anti-wrinkle., helping to improve the aging condition of the skin. It offers thickening and moisturizing properties for the skin, hydrating, lubricating and filling the dry or irritated skin of the face. Hands and body, emu oil skin care products. It helps counteract the wrinkles and dry, scaly and thin skin that commonly occurs with aging. In addition, it prevents the additional loss of moisture forming a protective barrier.

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The benefits of emu oil do more than just moisten and soften the skin

Emu oil is a great makeup remover. Try a few drops in your bathroom as a moisturizer. Emu oil can also improve the appearance of:

• scars
• Burns
• Stretch marks
• Wrinkles
• Sun damage
• Damaged skin after surgery
• Damaged skin after an injury
• Skin damaged by acne
• Skin damaged by pregnancy

When using products that contain emu oil, be sure to buy them in a renowned company. For the oil to be effective, it must be processed correctly at the right temperatures.

Due to the high value of the oil, it is sometimes mixed with other less expensive oils without the consumer knowing.

Buy from a company that will validate your product with analysis and support with a warranty.

Discover how emu oil is a versatile and effective solution for inflammation, bruises, burns, muscle pain, Hair loss and much more. It is 100% natural, non-toxic and soft for all skin types.

Find out instantly how you can use emu oil. as a safe and effective natural solution for painful arthritis and more. Emu oil can also be used for hair loss, treatment of inflammation, bruising, burns, muscle pain and much more. It is natural, non-toxic and soft for all skin types.

Discover the miraculous benefits of pure emu oil, Source:

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