Discover the many benefits of quail eggs

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Most likely you have seen these beautiful, small, spotted eggs, obtained from the quail bird. They look like magical or mystical eggs, small and with dark spots. And they are a kind of magic, especially for your health. Although they can be used to cook in many versatile ways, to get delicious dishes or snacks, they also have a multitude of health benefits.

quail eggs benefits

Cure anemia and menstrual discomfort.

Thanks to its high amounts of minerals and electrolytes, such as iron and potassium, they increase the formation of healthy blood cells. Therefore, symptoms such as nausea and fatigue are considerably alleviated.

Because they are rich in iron, these eggs are also good for menstrual pain. Any woman in her period should consume foods that contain high amounts of iron, so why not eat these small but very healthy eggs?

Help your body fight the cold and the flu.

One of the most popular natural remedies for colds and flu is chicken soup. Well, these amazing eggs can also fight these diseases. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B6 and B12, as well as in many other nutrients, quail eggs can improve the functioning of the immune system and help the body recover much faster. If you want to benefit from your properties when you have a cold or flu, you can add them to soups or eat them separately, according to your preferences. The effects are the same.

Enhance brain functions

Eggs are considered to improve the proper functioning of the brain. Modern science allowed many researchers to study its effects on the brain so that its benefits have been confirmed thousands of times until they are known. If you want to stay focused for longer, improve memory or increase alertness, quail eggs are an excellent option for a snack. They contain numerous nutrients that help the brain to enhance its functions, so you can use these eggs, especially when you have exams or much to learn.

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Improve the view

Today, our daily routine includes many hours dedicated to the front of a screen. Whether small or huge, a screen and its light are harmful to our eyes. But did you know that quail eggs are excellent in this case? Because they are rich in vitamin A, they improve the health of your eyes and also prevent their deterioration.

How to include them in your diet.

A quick snack suggestion is to boil the quail eggs and eat them with salt. If you wish, you can also add a little vinegar or lemon juice.

Another option is to add them to your salad, without cutting them. They are already small and they look great on any salad.

In general, quail eggs can be used in the same way as chicken eggs, only you need to use more to have the same amount. For example, if you like to mix one or two chicken eggs in the morning, you may need 4-10 quail eggs to get the same amount.


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