Detoxify your body with a common weed found everywhere

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Did you know that … a common weed has such amazing medicinal benefits that gardeners may want to start cultivating it instead of tearing it out?

While gardeners can not get rid of the feared dandelion fast enough, Western medicine is eager for more of this potent medicinal plant.

Used for centuries by herbalists for curative and preventive purposes, scientific scrutiny confirms that the medicinal properties of dandelion are not only legitimate, but also very impressive.

Traditional Native American and Arabic medicine used the health benefits of dandelion to treat diseases that include …

Spleen Problems Digestive disorders Skin disorders Liver and kidney diseases

Nowadays, alternative health professionals produce natural diuretic tonics from the health benefits of dandelion. renal health (kidney) and uses the dandelion root to detoxify the liver. health benefits of dandelion

The detoxifying power of dandelion: from roots to greens

In August 2009, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine Published test of the diuretic properties of dandelion leaves. The study found that these properties made greens an effective treatment for liver, gallbladder, Y kidney imbalances.

Dandelion root too It affects the liver positively. controlling the release of bile in the gallbladder. This improves digestion, especially of fats, a basic requirement for good health. Many underestimate the importance of the liver.

However, this large, rubber-shaped SLR hammer organ, located in the lower front abdominal cavity, handles a variety of crucial bodily functions, such as …

Creation of proteins. Filtration of blood to eliminate toxins. Production of a master antioxidant. glutathione Creation of immune cells that fight infections Formation of blood coagulation factors

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Liver stress leads to a series of unpleasant consequences. The indicators of compromised liver function range from mild symptoms such as gas …swelling… constipation … or full-blown diarrhea jaundice, easy to diagnose from its yellowish skin color mark and Sclarae (whites of the eyes).

Emotional and psychological problems, chronic fatigue and discomforting pains and discomforts may also indicate a decrease in liver function.

The most common diseases of the liver include …

Hepatitis fatty liver cirrhosis liver cancer

In addition to having amazing detoxifying effects, dandelions are extremely nutritious. Compared to other potent nutritious vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, dandelion leaves stack well.

Vegetables provide 1.5 times more vitamin A, 4 times more calcium and 7.5 times more vitamin K than broccoli. Dandelion leaves beat spinach 2 to 1 in iron content and 3 to 1 in riboflavin.

In addition, the health benefits of dandelion are a potent source of vitamin E (17% of the daily dose for adults) and lutein Y zeaxanthincrucial carotenoids completely absent from the spinach.

Where to find dandelions … everywhere!

The fresh and slightly bitter taste of dandelion leaves attracts haute cuisine fans as well as those who care about health. The greens can be available at your local health food store at a reasonable price.

However, as long as you If you abstain from chemical fertilizers and other toxic treatments for your lawn, you might consider controlling the dandelion population in your garden by harvesting and eating the nutrient-packed plants instead..

Dandelion leaves are a wonderful complement to salads or sautéed. In addition, the flowers can be turned into wine and the whole plant can be consumed in the form of tea, capsule or extract.

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Detoxify your body with a common weed that is found everywhere, Source:

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