Details about the enlarged liver and remedies for it

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The enlarged liver, known in the scientific community as hepatomegaly, is a non-medical condition that can be caused by tumors, infections or metabolic problems. Some common signs of an enlarged liver include having an abdominal mass, jaundice, or yellow skin.

enlarged liver

The symptoms of an enlarged liver

There are some conditions that can cause an enlarged liver. Excessive alcohol consumption causes liver disease by alcohol, one of the most common types of conditions in this particular category. Abusing alcohol for several years causes inflammation of the liver that could degenerate into scarring or even cirrhosis of the liver.

Despite this, the enlarged liver does not usually generate symptoms that may indicate the problem. However, there are some symptoms that you should consider, such as yellowing of the eyes and skin, weight loss, lack of appetite, muscle aches, jaundice and fatigue.

How to treat an enlarged liver

The treatments vary from case to case. If the excessive consumption of alcohol is the cause of the enlargement of the liver, the treatment will consist of reducing the amount of alcohol that the patient consumes or its total elimination. If it is caused by a fatty liver, the treatment will be aimed at reducing the amount of fat ingested by changing the diet, establishing an exercise program or even both.

Recommended diet

Nutrition is an important factor in maintaining a healthy liver. As indicated above, given that the nature of the treatment program depends largely on the case and severity of the condition, doctors may recommend reducing alcohol intake or adopting a certain diet program.

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When it comes to people whose hepatomegaly is diabetic in nature, the role of the diet is to decrease high blood sugar levels. Therefore, doctors will recommend a diet low in calories, in addition to a more frequent and intensive insulin intake. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar should be definitely avoided, such as flour, sugar and starches. You should also avoid overeating, because it regulates the level of blood sugar in the body.

Apart from that, people suffering from this particular condition can choose to eat products that contain high amounts of unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and proteins. They are beneficial for people with diabetes because they have a lower glycemic index value, as opposed to other products, such as those mentioned above.

Home DIY remedies

There are some home remedies that you can include in your routine to treat your enlarged liver.

For example, it can increase the intake of liquids, especially water, because it helps eliminate the toxins present in the system. The white radish juice in combination with the fudge can prevent the enlargement of the liver. It is worth mentioning that you should take it every morning, before breakfast. The combination of salt with Sprague powder is another smart option for the same reasons mentioned above. Finally, each morning, for a period of ten days, you could consume the pulp of an aloe vera leaf combined with salt and ginger.

Hopefully, this article has proven to be informative and beneficial. Consider adopting some of the aforementioned tips and you will find that your problem of enlarged liver is more manageable.

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