Deodorant or antiperspirant, which is healthier for us?

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Designed to neutralize unpleasant body odors, deodorants and antiperspirants act according to different principles, but both manage to do a good job to eliminate odors caused by perspiration or other environmental factors. Not always deodorants and antiperspirants marketed are healthy for the skin, some of them come to the attention of medical scientists, due to the side effects that may accompany its main function.

From a technical point of view, a deodorant will try to eliminate the odor of bacteria that act on the surface of the skin, what creates the smell, while an antiperspirant has a higher efficiency because it contains substances that penetrate the skin and, therefore, enter the body, neutralizing the bad smell for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, some antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients, which can negatively influence our overall health. Doctors are increasingly demanding not to overuse such cosmetic products.

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Quality deodorants can act even for longer periods with greater efficiency., given the decisive advantage, they contain substances that do not influence the normal process that helps cool the body at a constant temperature. In contrast, antiperspirant products can leave traces of minerals in the body, which over time can become very toxic.

Doctors sometimes recommend antiperspirants. – How to help sweat excessively in some people, but even in this case, it is not healthy to use these cosmetics for long periods of time. As a better alternative for those who sweat excessively, natural solutions are recommended that can be easily prepared in the home and that contain a series of neutral ingredients such as baking soda, extracts of aloe vera and other medical plants and small amounts of certain essential oils.

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In many ways, quality deodorants are better than most antiperspirants, but not because of the lasting effect it can have on the elimination of sweat odor, but for maintaining a good hygienic condition of the body without negative side effects for human health. Antiperspirants should not be avoided completely, but it is good to use them in moderation, to prevent any health problems that may arise as a result of prolonged use.

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