Dark Rum vs. Light Rum: What is the difference?

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In the endless debate of dark rum versus clear rum versus white, there are some key differences you should keep in mind.

Dark Rum against Ron Claro

There are many different types of rum in the market, but how do you know which is the right one? The difference in taste between variations of rum can be very width, but understanding the flavors of each one will ensure that your to drink it is perfect. [1]


Dark rum: Dark rum is usually made from molasses or burned sugar and it ages much more than white rum, often in oak barrels. White rum: To make a light rum, it does not age after the distillation like a dark rum, but it is bottled immediately. It is also stored commercially in steel barrels, to avoid any pollution of the flavor.


Dark rum: Dark rum is defined by its distinctive color, which can range from a dark amber to a blackish brown. White rum: Light rum is often referred to as silver or white rum, because of its traditionally light color. [2] It is often filtered after distillation to remove any traces of color.


Dark rum: Dark rum is often taken directly or used for cooking, due to the richness of its flavor. Sometimes dark rum is mixed with spiced rum, which has several spices, Including the anise, cardamomY cinnamon. A good number Spiced rums are made with dark rums, but not all dark rums are spiced. [3] White rum: The taste of light rum is very soft and light. sweetalmost without flavor This makes light rum very popular to mix. drinks Y cocktails, but not to drink directly.

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Gluten intolerance

Rum, dark or light, is usually gluten– free, but dark rums in prefabricated or spiced mixes may not be safe for those who have a strong intolerance.

Alcohol content

the alcohol content for both dark rum and for clear margins at around 40%.

Dark Rum vs. Light Rum: What's the difference? Reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/dark-rum-vs-light-rum.html

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