Dark circles under the eyes, How to remove dark circles under the eyes

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How to eliminate dark circles under the eyes for women. If your eyes have dark circles, these 11 tips can help you get rid of black marks. These are very easy methods and home remedies that you can easily follow in your free time.

1. The most important is that you need at least eight hours of sleep.

2. The application of rose water is a highly beneficial home treatment for the circles under the eyes. Take a cotton and dip it in rose water, keep it in your eyes and relax.

3. Drink lots of water every day to stay hydrated.

4. Before going to sleep, remove all traces of makeup from your eyes.

5. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer during the night or early morning, use with enough light. Do not work in the dark.

6. Place the refrigerated cucumbers. Slicing on closed eyelids to help reduce dark circles. o Cover your eyes with cucumber slices when you feel stressed.

7. Apply creams that include vitamin C and iron, essential food supplements to eliminate dark circles.
8. Massage your eyes regularly.

9. Mix the ground almonds and milk and apply under the eyes.

10. Gently rub on the mud. The application of mud is applied on the face, 15 to 20 minutes after rinsing.

11. Raw potato: put thin slices of raw potatoes on dark circles at least twice a day. Or add a few drops of water to grate raw potatoes, wrap them in a clean cloth and spread them over your eyelids.

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