Damiana Tea: Benefits and How to Make

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Regular consumption of damiana. tea can provide important health benefits, especially for people with digestive problems, or those that need a bit of an energy boost.

What is damiana tea?

Damiana tea is a traditional one. herbal tea which is done by soaking the leaves of the damiana plant, scientifically known as Turnera diffusa. These dried leaves have been used in traditional medicine dating back to the time of the Aztecs and Incas. These tea leaves are grown mainly in Texas, Mexico and the Caribbean. [1] The leaves have several uses, in addition to becoming tea, as in herbs of smoking combinations and even in certain alcoholic liqueurs Tea is rich in flavonoids, which can explain many of its health benefits.

Benefits of damiana tea

The most notable health benefits of damiana tea include its effects on Fertility, sex unit, digestive health and Energy levels among others. The flavonoids found in this tea can give your body a great boost, and it is also known that these stimulating qualities help increase Sexual impulse and overcoming frigidity. [2] [3] The effects that tea can have on the hormones It is undeniable, and not only can it help improve fertility, but it can also regulate menstruation and prevent many of the common symptoms of that monthly cycle.

How to make damiana tea?

Preparing damiana tea is easy enough to do at home, as long as you have access to these dried leaves.

Place 2 teaspoons of dried damiana leaves in a tea infuser or teapot. Bring a pan of water for boil and then pour on the leaves. Let this mixture stand for 15-20 minutes, then strain the tea. Add honey or a lemon Wedge for flavor, if desired.

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