Cremini mushrooms: Nutrition and Benefits

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Cooking with Cremini mushrooms Not only does it make your meals more tasty, but it can also provide a range of impressive health benefits.

What are Cremini mushrooms?

The Cremini mushrooms are scientifically known as Agaricus bisporus [1], A moderately ripe white mushroom. These fungi are a bit older examples of white mushrooms and baby bella mushrooms, and a little younger examples of portobellos. Many people do not realize that many of our favorite mushrooms are actually the same species that get old for different periods of time.

The Cremini mushrooms are brownIt has a slightly firmer and meatier texture than the whitest young mushrooms, along with a more earthy and pleasant flavor. [2] They are popular in the kitchen because of their strong flavor and their flexibility in so many recipes.

nutritional information

Nutritionally speaking, the cremini mushrooms are very high in copper, matchY selenium, as well as the B complex vitamins, potassiumY zinc. This is in addition to good amounts of protein, to approximately 1/2 gram in each medium-sized mushroom. These mushrooms are also very low in calories, providing only 16 calories in a single cup, but offer very high levels of polyphenolic compounds and others antioxidants.

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Benefits for the health of Cremini fungi

The main health benefits of cremini mushrooms include their ability to prevent certain types of fungi. Cancer, soothe inflammation, protect cardiovascular Health, and promote intestinal health, among others.

Cancer prevention

Actually, there are as many antioxidants in mushrooms as in peppers, applesY cauliflower, although people often overlook the fight against cancer. potential Of these fungi, their impact on oxidants. stress and the chronic disease is well researched. [3] It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory food.

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Heart health

With good amounts of dietetics. fiber, as well as gallic acid, flavonoids, potassium and selenium, these fungi are a comprehensive protector of heart Health, with the ability to lower. cholesterolreduce blood pressure And decrease your risk of coronary heart disease at the same time! [4]


It is known that fungi are very effective in stimulating the immune system, which can guarantee that the body's resources are used intelligently. In addition, these mushrooms are high in Vitamins B, which can stimulate metabolism and improve the generation of energy. [5] Chronic diseases that have a connection to poor metabolic health include obesity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, premature aging, dementiaY diabetes.

Digestive problems

the combination of Selenium and several antioxidants in these fungi can help protect against leaky gut syndrome, a very common gastrointestinal condition. [6] By strengthening the integrity of the stomach lining, it can increase nutrient absorption and intestinal health in general.

Cremini mushroom substitutes

The best substitutes for these mushrooms include the use of:

White champignon mushrooms Portobello Eggplant tofu Zucchini Cauliflower

Since the cremini fungi are the same as the white button and the portobello mushrooms (only in a different growth stage), they are the most obvious substitutes. The taste may be different, but the consistency is largely the same. If you choose eggplant, zucchini, tofu or cauliflower, you are choosing according to the consistency and capacity of the vegetables And proteins to pick up other flavors.

Cremini vs Portobello vs Baby Bella

All three of these fungi belong to the same species, but at different points of growth they change in texture, flavor and color.

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Beautiful babies are actually another name for creminis, since they look like smaller versions of the older and meatier fungi. White mushrooms are the youngest form of this species before the lids begin to widen and turn brown.

Cremini mushrooms: Nutrition and Benefits, Reference:

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