Cranberries and their importance for health

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The most popular berries, blueberries, are used for centuries for their therapeutic effects. They are not only delicious but also very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber. Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of blueberries for health. Modern research has found that blueberries have many therapeutic properties.

The juice of fruits, leaves, tea and blueberries is an extremely rich source of vitamin A and C and nutrients such as flavonoids and anthocyanins that can protect against diabetes, heart disease and other diseases and conditions.

Fresh blueberries are on the market all summer, so we have to enjoy the beneficial effects they have on our body. They contain 80% water and the remaining substances are sugars, acids, proteins, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and E, oils and mineral salts.

Antibiotic and anticancer.

Studies have shown that cranberry juice sterilizes bacteria. Thus, diarrheal diseases and urinary tract infections are treated naturally with the daily consumption of cranberry juice.
Ellagic acid: a substance that blocks the metabolic transformations that can lead to cancer, is contained in blueberries and prevents the formation of phenolic compounds in colon cancer cells. Thus, blueberries are a natural resource in the fight against cancer.

Improves eyesight and protects eyes:

Cranberries improve visual acuity, regenerate the retina and help improve blood flow to the eye. In addition, it facilitates adaptation to dark vision, in less than 30 minutes can treat diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and myopia. The vitamins and nutrients in cranberries are effective against eye fatigue, while anthocyanins help protect retinal tissue against free radicals.

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<p><strong>It has anti-inflammatory action:</strong></p>
<p>It has beneficial effects on the body and capillary walls and protects the body against infections. Anti-inflammatory action, and are especially indicated against urinary tract infections such as cystitis. Cranberry tea helps cure stomach problems and solve certain problems of the digestive system. Cranberries help reduce inflammation of the larynx in cases of flu, colds or various forms of allergies.</p>
<p><strong>Fight fatigue:</strong></p>
<p>Blueberries are recommended for people who have difficult exams or are subject to sustained intellectual activity. These fruits bring blood and oxygen to the brain, which refreshes brain activity. Researchers have discovered the energizing effect that blueberries have on the body. If you eat a bowl of cranberries at night you will avoid the accumulated fatigue during the day.</p>
<p><strong>Regenerating the liver:</strong></p>
<p>The substances contained in these wonderful fruits help the liver cells to produce more bad cholesterol receptors. Therefore, liver cells become more sensitive to bad cholesterol and also absorb more bad cholesterol. This is why nutritionists recommend that we eat blueberries to have a balanced diet.</p>
<p><strong>Other therapeutic indications:</strong></p>
<p>Studies have shown that a diet rich in cranberries helps get rid of waist fat, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the consumption of blueberries provides good protection for the heart of those suffering from the metabolic syndrome.</p>
<p>Another property of cranberry is that it accelerates the healing of wounds. The high content of flavonoids (antioxidant pigments) leads to the production of vitamin C, which in turn helps to obtain collagen. Therefore, the faster we regenerate our cells and heal wounds.</p>
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In addition, the researchers found that cranberries are designed to protect the brain from oxidative stress and reduce the disease that occurs with advanced age (Alzheimer's or senile dementia).

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