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Nothing is more important to your sick friends and family than a sweet and loving message to show them that you care about them. These words are strong enough to accelerate your recovery. Although medical attention is needed, patients recover well in an environment where they are bathed with love and considerable attention.

Your love and support for them are as important as the doctor's contribution. For that reason, always do everything you can to provide moral and emotional support to your sick family member or friend. Below is a list of several "early recovery" messages that you can send to encourage them.

# 1. I want to wish you the speed of God in your healing. May your health be completely restored.

# 2. Your sense of humor is being missed by everyone here. Recover soon and join the fun.

# 3. The ceilings of the hospitals seem boring, that's why I'm praying for their speedy recovery. May the healing be your portion.

# 4. There is a lot of fun that life has to offer outside the walls of the hospital. How I wish you get better soon so that you can experience all the fun and delights here.

# 5. May your strength grow stronger each day, as the positive energy is gradually restored in your veins, you can become healthier and happier.

# 6. Do not worry too much about your current health situation. You have an army of martial arts friends who are here trying to get you out of that condition. We are praying for you.

# 7. I think there's always time for everything, and that's why your body has decided it's time to rest. Rest well while you recover.

# 8. Everyone here is anxiously waiting for his return. Your kindness and hospitality are missed by all here. Get well soon.

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# 9. When I was in a condition similar to yours, I remember how you used to make jokes besides the jokes of my hospital. That you can smile on your way to full recovery.

# 10. Life is not about driving big cars or living in big mansions; instead, it's about being in perfect health and enjoying life to the fullest. Quick recovery is what I want you to join us to enjoy this life.

# 11.I know you as a fighter, a person who does not come down without a fight. I know you will fight to get out of this situation. Good health is my wish for you today.

# 12. If they ask me for a brave and strong person, I will not hesitate to choose you. Your strong will and courage will see you out of this. Get well soon.

# 13. Although today it feels unpleasant after the operation, it is a matter of days before reaching its full capacity. The young jovial is full of life. That your recovery is 100%.

# 14. My love is with you in this difficult time. I know you will recover and you will recover your whole being soon.

#fifteen. I do not know you as a good listener, but I hope you are listening to your doctor's advice. That you recover well.

#sixteen. Do not worry about being in that hospital bed for days; It's a matter of days before you get back on your feet.

# 17. Not only have I brought these flowers to brighten up your room, but also to brighten up your heart. You will be fine soon.

# 18. I know you have so many "recovery soon" messages, my message to you is "improve now."

# 19. Every morning I find you better and better.

# 20. During this difficult time, my thoughts of good health are with you. I can not wait to see you again on your feet.

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# 21. Our thoughts and prayers of healing are with you today.

# 22. Although your usual smile is not with you today, I think a brighter tomorrow is coming. When the disease will be in your history books.

# 23. Take advantage of these days to rest and recharge. Your best days are ahead of you.

# 24. If there is anything I can do to help you recover soon, do not hesitate to inform me. It will be a pleasure.

# 25. The flowers with me represent my thoughts of good health for you. Smell your victory to good health.

# 26. If there is something I hate in this life, I see you in your blue feelings. Recover quickly.

# 28. I started asking questions about why you take too long to recover only when you realize it, on the contrary; It's me who misses you a lot. Recover yourself now dear.

# 29. With all the prayers that we have offered today, no disease can stop you more. We believe in your healing.

# 30. When the angel of good health passes tonight, he can get up again. Our prayers are with you in this difficult moment.

# 31. Your family loves you very much, also your friends. We all miss you and we can not wait for you to get back on your feet.

# 32. If today I were a magician, I could have made you fit and healthy again just by waving my wand.

# 33. As the sun rises in the morning, you may leave that sick bed where you are. My wish is that it be complete again.

# 34. Always remember that you are not alone in this, in a short time you will return to yourself. That you recover better and stronger than you.

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