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An interview with Dr. George Meinig, D.D.S.

Dr. Meinig offers a very curious perspective when exposing the latent dangers of endodontic therapy. As one of the original founders of the American Association of Endodontists (specialists in endodontics), it has filled its part of the root canals. And when he was not filling channels himself, he was teaching the technique to dentists across the country at seminars and weekend clinics. About two years ago, having recently retired, he decided to read the 1174 pages of the detailed research by Dr. Weston Price, (D.D.S). Dr. Meinig was startled and surprised. Here was the valid documentation of systemic diseases resulting from persistent latent infections in full roots. Since then, he has written a book, "Covering the EXPOSED root canal – Result of many diseases", and is devoting himself to radio, television and personal appearances before groups in an attempt to whistle and alert the public of the root dangers. channel therapy.

What is the problem with endodontic therapy?

First, let me note that my book is based on the twenty-five years of careful and impeccable research by Dr. Weston Price. He led a team of researchers of 60 men whose findings, suppressed so far, are among the best medical discoveries of all time. This is not the usual medical history of a prolonged search for the causative agent difficult to find of a devastating disease. Rather, it is the story of how a "cast of millions" (of bacteria) entrenches itself within the structure of the teeth and ends up causing the greatest number of diseases that have been traced back to a single source.

What diseases? Can you give us some examples?

A high percentage of chronic degenerative diseases can originate from teeth filled with roots. The most frequent were cardiac and circulatory diseases and found 16 different causative agents for these. The following most common diseases were joints, arthritis and rheumatism. Third, but almost tied in second place, were diseases of the brain and nervous system. After that, any disease you can name could (and in some cases has) come from root-filled teeth.

What is the theory of "focal infection"?

This indicates that the germs of a central focal infection, such as the teeth, the roots of the teeth, the inflamed tissues of the gums or the tonsils metastasize to the hearts, eyes, lungs, kidneys or other organs, glands and tissues. , establishing new areas of the same infection. . There is almost no theory, this has been proven and proven many times. It is 100% accepted today. But it was a revolutionary thought during the days of the First World War, and early 20's!

Today, both patients and doctors have been "brainwashed" to think that infections are less serious because we now have antibiotics. Yes and no. In the case of root-filled teeth, the tooth that is no longer alive lacks a blood supply inside. So antibiotics in circulation do not alter the bacteria that lives there because they can not attack them.

Does everyone who has ever filled a root canal become sick?

No. Now we believe that all the filling of the root canal is filtered and the bacteria invade the structure. But the variable factor is the strength of the person's immune system. Some healthy people can control the germs that escape from their teeth to other areas of the body. We believe that this happens because their lymphocytes of the immune system (white blood cells) and other disease combatants are not constantly compromised by other ailments. In other words, they can prevent new colonies from adhering to other tissues throughout the body. But, over time, most people with teeth filled with roots seem to develop some types of systemic symptoms that they did not have before.

It is really hard to understand that bacteria are embedded deep in the structure of teeth that look solid and seemingly hard.

I know. Doctors and dentists also have that same problem. You really have to visualize the dental structure. – all those microscopic tubules that run through the dentin. In a healthy tooth, these tubules carry a liquid that carries food inside. In perspective, if the tubules of a single-rooted frontal tooth were stretched on the ground, they would extend for three miles!

A root-filled tooth no longer has any liquid circulating through it, but the labyrinth of tubules remains. The anaerobic bacteria that live there seem remarkably safe from antibiotics. Bacteria can migrate into the surrounding tissue, where they can "go hiking" to other locations in the body through the bloodstream. The new location can be any organ, gland or tissue, and the new colony will be the next source of infection in a body plagued by recurrent or chronic infections.

All the "development" done to try to improve the patient's ability to fight infections, strengthen their immune system, is just a containment action. Many patients will not be fine until the source of infection, the root canal tooth, is eliminated.

I do not doubt what he says, but can you tell us more about how Dr. Price can be sure that arthritis or other systemic conditions and diseases really originated in the teeth, or in a single tooth?

Yes. A lot of research starts when the researcher is just curious about something, and then it is scientific enough to discover an answer, and then it shows that it is, many times. Dr. Price's first case is very well documented. He extracted an infected tooth from a woman suffering from severe arthritis. As soon as he finished with the patient, he implanted the tooth under the skin of a healthy rabbit. In 48 hours the rabbit was paralyzed by arthritis!

In addition, once the tooth was removed, the patient's arthritis improved dramatically. This clearly suggested that the presence of the infected tooth was a causative agent of both the patient's and the rabbit's arthritis.

In the following years, he repeated this procedure many hundreds of times. Later, he implanted only part of the tooth to see if that gave the same results. Did. Then he dried the tooth, crushed it into powder and injected a little into several rabbits. The same results, this time producing the same symptoms in multiple animals.

Dr. Price eventually grew cultures of bacteria and injected them into the animals. Then it was one step further. He put the solution containing the bacteria through a filter small enough to trap the bacteria. So when he injected the resulting liquid he was free of infecting bacteria. Did the test animals develop the disease? Yes. The only explanation was that the liquid had to contain toxins from the bacteria, and the toxins were also capable of causing diseases.

Dr. Price was curious about which was the most potent infectious agent, the bacterium or the toxin. He repeated that last experiment, injecting half the animals with the liquid containing the toxin and half of them with the filter bacteria. Both groups became ill, but the group injected with the toxins became ill and died before the animals injected with bacteria.

That is incredible. Did the rabbits always develop the same disease that the patient had?

Mostly yes. If the patient had heart disease, the rabbit had heart disease. If the patient had kidney disease, the rabbit had kidney disease, and so on. Only occasionally did a rabbit develop a different disease, and then the pathology would be quite similar, in a different location.

If extraction is necessary for anyone reading this, do you want to summarize what is special about the extraction technique?

Simply pulling the tooth is not enough when extraction is necessary. Dr. Price discovered bacteria in the tissues and bones adjacent to the tooth root. Therefore, we now recommend drilling at low speed with a bur, to eliminate a millimeter of the entire bony cavity. The purpose is to remove the periodontal ligament (which is always infected with toxins produced by the streptococcal bacteria that live in the tubules of dentine) and the first millimeter of bone that lines the cavity (which is usually infected).

It is a complete protocol, which includes irrigation with sterile saline to ensure the elimination of contaminated bone chips and the treatment of the socket to stimulate and promote healing without infections.

Maybe we should support and talk about oral health, to PREVENT the need for an extraction. Caries or inflamed gums seem much more common than root canals. Do they pose any threat?

Yes, they absolutely do it. But let me point out that we can not talk about oral health apart from total health. The problem is that both patients and dentists have not realized that tooth decay reflects a systemic disease, which means "the whole body." Dentists have learned to restore teeth with such skill that both they and their patients believe that tooth decay is a trivial matter. It is not

Small cavities often become large cavities. Large cavities often lead to further destruction and the eventual need for endodontic treatment.

Can you give us some advice on prevention?

The only scientific way to prevent tooth decay is through diet and nutrition. Dr. Ralph Steinman conducted an outstanding research at Loma Linda University. A glucose solution was injected into mice, into their bodies, so the glucose did not even touch their teeth. Then he looked at the teeth for any changes. What he found was really amazing. The glucose reversed the normal flow of fluid in the tubules of the dentine, which caused all test animals to develop severe dental caries! Dr. Steinman dramatically demonstrated what I said a minute ago: tooth decay reflects a systemic disease.

What a fascinating concept. Can you tell us more about the protective nutrition you mentioned?

Yes. Dr. Price traveled all over the world doing his research on the primitive peoples who still lived in their native form. He found fourteen cultural pockets scattered around the world where the natives had no access to "civilization," and did not eat refined foods.

Dr. Price carefully studied his diets. He discovered that they varied a lot, but the only thing they had in common was that they ate whole foods without refining. Without any access to toothbrushes, dental floss, fluoridated water or toothpaste, the primitive peoples studied lacked caries in almost 100%. In addition, and not without relationship, they were also almost 100% free of all the degenerative diseases that we suffer: problems with the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, joints, skin (allergies) and the whole range of diseases that They affect humanity. No food turned out to be magical as a preventative food. I think we can thrive better by eating a wide variety of whole foods.

Amazing. So, by "diet and nutrition" for oral (and total) health meant eating a fairly basic diet with whole foods?

Exactly. And without sugar or white flour. These are (and always have been) the first culprits. Tragically, when the primitives were introduced to sugar and white flour, their higher level of health deteriorated rapidly. This has been shown over and over again. For the past sixty years or more, we have added in increasingly large quantities, highly refined and manufactured cereals and boxed mixes of all kinds, soft drinks, refined vegetable oils and a whole host of other "foods" without food. It is also during those same years that we, as a nation, have installed more and more root canal fillings, and degenerative diseases have become rampant. I believe, and Dr. Price certainly showed his satisfaction, that these simultaneous factors are NOT coincidences.


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You can buy Dr. Meinig's book "Root Canal Cover-Up Exposed & # 39; from the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation here:


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