Could an alkaline diet reverse diabetes?

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Would you like to hear some amazing statistics about diabetes? These numbers totally surprised me when I read them for the first time!

Fact 1: $ 1 in every $ 5 dollars in medical care It is spent caring for people with diabetes.

Fact 2: Through America, 8.1 million people It is believed that they live with undiagnosed diabetes.

Fact 3: One of four Americans older than 65 develop diabetes.

With so many people extensively affected by diabetes, it is helpful to know how we can prevent it from happening to us … or to someone we love.

So today, we are going to explore an entirely new frontier in diabetes research:

Could an alkaline diet reverse diabetes?

But first … a little background on diabetes

You have probably heard that there are two types of diabetes. For the purposes of this article, we refer only to type 2 diabetes. This is the type that usually develops later in life and can often be managed with changes in lifestyle.

In type 2 diabetes, a couple of things in the body may not work optimally. First, the body may not produce enough insulin, the hormone, which is needed to transport glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream to our cells to provide energy.

Alternatively, in type 2 diabetes, the body can still produce enough insulin, but this hormone does not work properly. Generally, we refer to this as "insulin resistance," which can lead to high blood sugar levels and, ultimately, diabetes.

What causes diabetes?

First, researchers recognize that diabetes has a genetic component. Some people develop diabetes because of their DNA, rather than any problem in their diet and lifestyle.

However, food, exercise habits and lifestyle may also play a role in diabetes. Most of us have listened to the main recommendations to have a healthy weight, move the body daily and avoid sugary and processed foods.

But if there was something else at stake here. Could an acid diet also have a role in causing diabetes?

What is an "alkaline diet"?

Natural wellness experts have been discussing the benefits of alkalizing foods for a long time. More recently, the popularity of alkaline diets has spread to celebrities who defend their health benefits.

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The theory behind the diet is that certain foods cause the pH of our blood to decrease and become more acidic. It is said that this leads to all kinds of diseases. On the other hand, eating more foods that alkalize our blood is said to heal and prevent diseases.

Despite its popularity among many celebrities, conventional / acid theory has traditionally been ruled out by conventional medicine. I mean, maybe, until now.

Several large-scale studies have revealed a strong and compelling link between an alkaline diet and better insulin resistance. It has also been found that this benefit reduces the incidence of developing diabetes.

How could this be?

To understand why alkalizing foods can help with diabetes, we must first understand how our bodies process acidic and alkaline foods:

When we digest food, our bodies release a lot of mineral cations and chemicals (such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium) that are normal byproducts of metabolism. However, these byproducts tend to be different between "acid" and "alkaline" foods and affect the pH differently:

Acidic foods

Generates more sulfate during metabolism Increases the acid load in the diet

Alkaline foods

They tend to be higher in potassium / lower in protein Metabolic byproducts of eating these foods buffer hydrogen ions and reduce acidity Decrease the acid load in the diet

It is very, very important to note here that the body does an EXCELLENT job of maintaining our pH levels through the kidneys and the respiratory system. In healthy people, our blood pH is strictly maintained between 7.35 and 7.45. If we are wrong outside this range, we become extremely ill (as a hospitalized, critical care level!)

Therefore, it is not technically correct to say that acidic foods, in healthy people, make us "acidic." However, a chronically high load of dietary acid can keep our body at the lower (ie, more acidic) end of the "normal" pH range. And researchers believe that this is what may be increasing our risk of diabetes.

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It has been shown that a drop, even within the "healthy" range, of the pH of the blood decreases insulin sensitivity. On the other hand, it has been shown that alkalizing blood improves insulin resistance and the ability of our cells to metabolize glucose.

At this stage, an accurate explanation of why this occurs remains unanswered. A popular theory is that a very mild form of acidosis can affect the ability of insulin to bind to cells. Another theory is that high loads of acid in the diet can cause our liver to produce and release more glucose, something that should only happen when our body needs extra energy between meals, and during sleep or exercise.

What does this research mean if I have diabetes?

Essentially, although the exact mechanism of action is unknown, the fact is that many large-scale studies show a strong association between more alkaline eating patterns and better control of blood glucose and insulin.

Even if it were not for this evidence, most alkaline foods are products of plant origin that many of us should be eating more anyway. Since few Americans meet the daily requirements of fruits and vegetables, eating more of these alkalizing plants offers benefits far greater than the potential to prevent diabetes.

In the same vein, most "acid foods", that is, red and processed meats, hard cheeses, sugar, processed / fried foods and alcohol, should be consumed in moderation (or not consumed) for other health reasons. , in addition to a lower risk of diabetes.

So, even if you have it, or do not have diabetes, love your alkalizing fruits and vegetables and they will love it. It's good to know that science also tells us why.

Have you experienced any benefit from eating a more alkaline diet? Tell us about that below!


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