Contraception – Common myths and misconceptions

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Sex It is a basic human right. But having safe sex and without fear of unwanted pregnancies should be the priority. Many women around the world die every day as a result of an unwanted pregnancy, mainly due to an unsafe abortion. Therefore, couples can avoid pregnancy and fully enjoy sex life, only if they can follow safe and effective contraceptive advice. Let me clarify some popular myths and misconceptions about contraception.

1. Contraception is useful for everyone.

While the ideal contraceptive is necessary but it does not exist. So, what may seem appropriate for a couple may not be useful for another couple. We need to evaluate several points, such as the number of children they have, the desire to have more children and plan to have children, the general health of the wife and husband (and any illness they suffer), the frequency of sexual relations, the possibility of of infection, the age of the partners etc.

2. About the barrier methods.

The most popular barrier method is a male condom. But the myths are that "condoms reduce sexual pleasure" and "condoms are easily damaged, leading to failure.Condoms are especially useful for those who are at risk for infections, who do not have very frequent sexual intercourse and who are not suitable for other methods. Condoms do not diminish sexual pleasure, some of the condoms have medicinal products that can increase the duration of sexual intercourse and also act as a lubricant to facilitate intimacy. But men must know how to use it properly. It should be used on the erect penis, expelling all the air and projecting the tip beyond the tip of the penis. When removing the penis after intercourse, the condom should be kept at the base of the penis. In fact, condom failure / rupture occurs due to mishandling of the condom or not knowing its proper use. Therefore, before using it, make sure you know its correct use. Definitely, some men may feel latex allergy and have to use a latex-free condom, which is widely available.There are also barrier methods for females, such as the female condom, the diaphragm and the cervical cap, etc. But they are not very easy to use and they are not that popular.

3. Oral contraceptive pills (OCP)


OCP causes an increase in weight. OCP causes cancers.


CP rarely causes weight gain. Weight gain is a coincidence, which means you have some other reason to gain weight, such as not exercising, ignoring diet control and some other diseases. OCP rather it reduces the risk of cancer, especially ovarian cancer (which is very difficult to diagnose and very lethal), colon cancer, endometrial cancer (inner lining of the uterus). Of course, there is little risk of breast cancer, but the risk is not very high, it can be easily detected by a medical examination. So, if you take ocp, get rid of all the fears. Just try to do a self-exam every month.

4. Intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCD)

The most popular is copper T. Medications containing hormonal drugs are also available. Copper T does not increase the risk of infection, a common mistake is found among women.

5. Emergency contraceptive pills (pills, etc.)

Often the couple uses these pills regularly after intercourse. Remember that these pills contain a high content of hormonal drugs, which can cause serious side effects such as hormonal imbalances, irregularities in periods (and, therefore, can prevent you from becoming pregnant in the future, even when you want a pregnancy), pregnancy ectopic (pregnancy outside the tubes). which are potentially deadly), etc. Therefore, use a regular contraceptive method if you want to avoid pregnancy. The pill is not meant to be taken at all times.

6. Ligation

The ligation of men (vasectomy) and women (tubectomy) is performed as permanent contraception for couples who have more than 2 children. The ligature in the male does not disturb sexual activity. It's easier than the feminine ligature. Again, female ligature is also a very safe technique.

So, please, eliminate all the misconceptions and myths about contraception. To have safe sex, enjoy life.

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