Compress salt, garlic and ginger for pain

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This remedy for pain will be the best you have ever tried. It is natural, easy to do and efficient. All you need is a pinch of salt and two spices with extraordinary analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: ginger and garlic. This compress can relieve pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis or dislocation. In addition, it can relieve your back and muscle pain. The burning sensation that occurs after applying the compress on the affected area helps blood circulation.

natural compress for pain

Garlic It was always beneficial for pain, especially when taken orally. There are many ways you can use garlic for your health. You can find it in dry or powdered form, tablets or capsules. The consumption of garlic can increase the potency of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are usually ingested to relieve pain.

Ginger It is an effective natural anti-inflammatory agent. It helps reduce inflammation and pain. It does not matter if you plan to use it hot or raw, ginger has the same effects. Scientists are surprised by the action of this plant on muscle pain.

Unlike normal salt, sea ​​salt It is extremely rich in minerals. It contains 92 minerals, of which 24 are essential minerals to maintain healthy body cells, prevent muscle aches, brain damage and disorders. Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the muscles. Salt not only contains potassium, but also helps the body absorb it from other foods. This makes the salt efficient to help prevent spasms, muscle aches and cramps.

The ingredients

1 small ginger root 2 tablespoons sea salt 4 cloves of garlic

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It would be perfect if you chose to chop the ginger and garlic without using a blender. The perfect tool would be a mortar and pestle. The ginger root only needs to be washed very, very well and cut into small pieces. If you do not have a mortar and pestle, you can try a blender or simply cut the ingredients very carefully. Mix the three ingredients until they dissolve and mix perfectly. You can also add a little olive oil if you want the composition to be softer. Take a clean sheet of plastic film. Pick up a few tablespoons of the mixture and apply it to the clean plastic film. Locate the affected area and place the compress on the skin. To ensure that the composition does not fall, apply a bandage on the affected area. Leave the compress in the area for 6 hours. Do not use this mixture on open wounds!

Many spices and herbs can treat inflammation and other similar conditions. These natural remedies fall under medical treatment, known as alternative or complementary medicine. When it comes to relieving pain, you will be surprised at what will make you feel better. We recommend that you consult a specialist whenever you have medical problems. Our suggested remedies are efficient, but they can be even more useful if combined with traditional medications prescribed by your doctor.


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