Cold sponge for fever – recommended or not?

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It is a historical remedy, but it is really effective.

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At the moment when the thermometer reading crosses 101 ° F, it becomes a cause for concern. Panic begins when it crosses the 103 ° F mark. The doctor has prescribed medication, but certain types of fever They are cyclic and tend to increase body temperature even after taking the required dose of medication. That is when we resort to home remedies such as the use of cold packs or placing a cloth moistened in cold water on the forehead. But is it the correct method? We discuss this with Dr. Ratan Kumar Vaish, Senior Consultant, Department of Medicine, Rockland Group of Hospitals, Delhi-NCR And this is what he has to say.

A cold compress is not required in case of high fever, but a cold sponge is recommended. When the fever exceeds 102 ° F, it is important to control it and avoid any additional increase, as it can cause seizures. By using the cold sponge method, you are trying to lower the body temperature and provide comfort to the patient. Definitely, the cold sponge should be practiced with babies and the elderly who suffer high fever, since they are more prone to seizures. Have you tried these home remedies for viral fever??

Do not use ice water. Warm water or water from the refrigerator mixed with water at room temperature can be used in equal parts. Dr. Vaish also suggests that placing a cloth on the forehead and sole of the foot or palms will not be completely effective. Sponges should cover the entire body. In fact, if the patient is not very weak, a bath with water at room temperature is recommended to lower the body temperature. If not, you can take a sponge bath to the person who is in bed or in a chair. Ice cold water should be used only if the fever fluctuates between 104 and 105 ° F. The sponge should be used for 15 to 20 minutes, provided there is an increase in body temperature. Fever in children? Here are 6 ways to deal with that.

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The sponge is not a treatment for fever. It only helps control body temperature. Medication may be required to help the body fight the virus or bacteria. If the temperature continues to rise, consult your doctor. Here it is How can you strengthen your immune system?.

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