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Cold pressed coconut oil it tends to retain more of its nutritional value, particularly phenolic compounds, while the oil pressed in expeller has a more nutty and roasted flavor, which makes it preferable for certain cooking applications. While both coconut oils They are good for your health, your choice should depend on why and how you use the oil for your health.

Coconut Oil Pressed Expeller

The method of pressing by ejection is the most traditional and common method to prepare coconut oil, in which the oil is pressed or squeezed from the meat From the coconut to extract it. This process [1]separates fiber, water and protein From the oil, leaving behind a pure product that can be used for a wide variety of medicinal and culinary applications.

While no additional heat is added during the process or to the oil itself, there is great pressure and friction in this method. As a result, the oil is subject to higher temperatures, sometimes above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. When you heat the oils to a certain level, some of the nutrients are lost, either by denaturing or by simple burn off. While the smoke point of coconut oil is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a measure of when the oil begins to burn (and, therefore, loses nutrients quickly).

Even at temperatures below the smoke point, some of the beneficial fats and polyphenolic components it can be lost or lostTherefore, it is highly desirable to keep the processing temperature low. [2] That said, coconut oil pressed in expeller tends to have a more toasted or nutty aroma and flavor, due to the application of this heat. This flavor causes the variety pressed by the ejector to be searched for in many culinary and cooking uses to improve the taste of the final product.

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Cold pressed coconut oil

The cold-pressed variety of this oil, on the other hand, is processed in a way that maintains a temperature that never exceeds 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Is heat-controlled process produces a pure, unadulterated, high quality oil that retains almost all of its initial nutrients, making it more potent for natural health uses. [3] It is important to remember that neither cold-pressed nor ejected varieties are refined, a process that can expose the oil to temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it a delicious taste, but eliminates many of the most important nutrients. In addition, both methods usually use organic methods or virgin coconut oil, which means that they are inherently better for you than many other options in the market. In terms of price, cold-pressed coconut oil tends to be a bit more expensive.

When comparing the two, the only real difference is the temperature at which they are exposed, and the loss of nutrients is quite small. Both options are excellent for your health needs, but the flavors will vary. [4] The subtle flavor of the coconut is typically maintained with the cold pressed variety, while in coconut oil pressed in expeller you can find a richer and more pronounced flavor.

Benefits of cold pressed pure coconut oil

If you choose cold-pressed coconut oil for your natural health needs, it can help protect and improve the appearance of your skin, strengthens the hair, strengthens the immune system, promotes weightloss, and increase the metabolism, among others.

Skin care

This type of coconut oil is exceptional for the health of the skin, since it is a great moisturizing and also delivery antibacterialAntiviral and antifungal protection for the skin, which makes it ideal for the prevention and treatment of acne. psoriasis, eczema, Sun tanning, and inflammation of all kinds. It also helps with exfoliation By eliminating deep toxins and improving elasticity targeting oxidative stress and the activity of free radicals. [5]

Improves the metabolism

The average chain triglycerides which are found in cold pressed coconut oil are not affected by the temperature of the preparation, so they can provide all their impact to the metabolism. These fatty acids they are converted directly into energy by the liver, instead of being stored as fat for later use, like many other types of long-chain fatty acids. [6] This means a faster energy increase and a general increase in the metabolic rate throughout the body.

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Stimulates the immune system

The MCFAs in cold-pressed coconut oil, as well as the phenolic compounds and vitamins, are able to protect the immune system and prevent a variety of infections, both inside and outside the body. From antibacterial effects to antioxidant elimination of oxidants stress, this powerful oil works as a great shield for your overall health.

Hair care

Keeping all its natural acids, minerals and nutrients, cold-pressed coconut oil is the best option for hair treatments, helping to strengthen the strands, hydrate the scalp, prevents infections in the beds of the follicles, eliminates dandruff and improves the appearance and shine of their locks. [7]


Along with a faster metabolism, the medium chain fatty acids also release ketones When it is released, it stimulates the metabolism and makes the body burn fat faster. [8] Research has shown that moderate consumption of coconut oil can burn more than 100 extra calories per day, while helping to suppress appetite between meals, which has a double impact for those trying to lose weight.

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