Coco – Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber

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Coconut does wonders for your health any way you eat it. Juice, milk, cream or fresh fruit actually means the vitamins, minerals, natural oils and fibers that the body needs every day. The coconut has a high content of nutrients and is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is classified as a "multifunctional food" because it provides many health benefits.

The coconut is a good help for those who practice sports and make great physical efforts. Coconut oil helps relax muscles and promotes recovery after sustained physical effort.

Experts agree that the fat contained in coconut improves insulin secretion and normalizes blood glucose. In the diet, the coconut not only helps strengthen the body for strength and sustained effort, but fat burns after such a regular diet.

For the face, the coconut ensures the natural balance of the skin and is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin. In addition, experts believe that coconut does wonders for wrinkles and brown spots that reveal age.

Because this fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins, the coconut diet is recommended for children. Coconut promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium in the body and helps strengthen the child's bones. "coconut carvings =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
<p>Coconut oil stimulates metabolism, improves thyroid function. This oil is known as the oil with less fat in the world. In addition, it helps fight skin aging. In addition, the fat in coconut oil helps reduce wrinkles without being irritating. Coconut oil is commonly used to make expensive products for skin care.</p>
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Several other therapeutic indications:

Strengthens the immune system: Acts as a weapon against viruses that cause influenza, herpes, measles, hepatitis C.

Antibacterial effect: Its antibacterial effect can cure ulcers, throat infections and urinary tract infections, diseases of the gums and mouth, pneumonia and gonorrhea.

Fungi and worms It acts on the fungi and fungi responsible for candidiasis, intestinal worms, fungi or foot irritation in young children, which occur due to the diaper.

Revitalizing and tonic: It is a good tonic and revitalizing, eliminates fatigue and discomfort accompanied by lack of vitality or convalescence.

Improves digestion: Improves digestion and intestinal function and promotes the absorption of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids, relieves the symptoms of ulcerative colitis and stomach ulcers.

The coconut is a good dessert and digestive aid, it can be consumed after meals and / or between meals. The coconut protects against free radicals and can be considered one of the secrets of youth and longevity.

Coco: rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, source of the article:

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