Clove cigarettes are good or bad

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Nail cigarettes They are popular in many parts of the world, and some believe that they are a healthy alternative to cigarettes, but these cigarettes must take into account a number of negative aspects.

What are clove cigarettes?

Clove cigarettes contain approximately 60-70% tobacco and 30-40% crushed teeth, and have a sweeter taste that some people prefer. Another word for clove cigarettes is Kretek, which is a word that imitates the sound of burning teeth. [1] Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are a mixture of dried tobacco leaves, along with a lot of addictive additives and potentially Cancer-which produce chemicals, clove cigarettes have less tobacco, but they are no less dangerous. These cigarettes are incredibly popular in Indonesia and other neighboring countries, but they are also considered novelty cigarettes in other countries of the world. The nails (the grass) zone spice That has a series of health benefits, which is where much of the confusion occurs. People often mistakenly believe that the inclusion of of smoking Crushed teeth will compensate or even replace the negative aspects of tobacco smoking. However, this is simply not true.

Smoking clove cigarettes, regardless of what someone has told you, is just as dangerous as smoking normal cigarettes, since smoking tobacco products can be addictive and harmful to your health. long-term health. [2] Whether it's 100% tobacco or 60% tobacco, you're still inhaling most of the 4,000 individual chemicals in tobacco smoke, including nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, ammonia, cyanide, hydrogen and many more. In summary, there are many dangerous aspects of clove cigarettes that you can not afford to forget, no matter how innovative or tasty they may seem.

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Are clove cigarettes good or bad?

Clove cigarettes may have less tobacco in each cigarette, but they should not be considered "safe" in any way. The cloves also contain an active ingredient that traditional cigarettes do not contain: eugenol. This is a phenylpropene that is part of clove oil, and when used topically or internally, it can be a very beneficial element. However, when smoked, as in clove cigarettes, the same calming or anesthetic effect occurs in the lungs and airways.

By numbing these tissues, eugenol can inhibit the gag reflex or the natural protective instincts of respiratory system. This apparent "Refreshing effect Eugenol can make it easier to perform longer, deeper crawls on a clove cigarette without your lungs reacting (for example, cough and expelling the smoke). [3] This can allow smokers of clove cigarettes to get a bigger "buzz" in their cigarette, but it can also increase the damage caused to the lungs with each long drag. In addition, eugenol is known to cause allergic, respiratory reactions infections, or inflammation in the airways in certain people.

Apart from this unique problem of eugenol, all the evidence suggests that clove cigarettes are just as indicative for heart questions, the pregnancy complications blood pressure and cancer, as a consequence of the majority tobacco content in these cigarettes. [4]

The last dangerous aspect of clove cigarettes is their marketing strategy, which relies on its sweeter flavor to attract smokers looking for a "lighter" cigarette that could help them stop smoking. This sweet angle was also used as a hook for younger smokers, so the United States banned these cigarettes in 2009. The fact is that smoking cloves may seem like a better option, or an attractive and cool habit to pick up like a cigarette. Young, but it is so dangerous to his health and the health of those around him, like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

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