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Did you know that almost a billion people still suffer from chronic hunger, although the Green Revolution that has fed billions will soon come to an end due to the decreased availability of its main ingredients: oil and water? The combination of population growth and our extensive use of natural resources means that we are putting a huge burden on the Earth on which we all live and on which we depend!

The film illustrates both the excessive consumption and the inequality side of the population issue by following Beth, a mother and a child rights activist, while discovering, along with the audience, the complex complexities of the population issue .

This month we have launched Mother – Caring for 7 billion as our September Film Club documentary to raise awareness about the cost that humans are having on Earth, and how population growth is affecting all aspects of our being. In 2011, the world population reached 7 billion, a surprising increase of seven times from the first billion that occurred 200 years ago.

In the past, population was a hot topic, one of the priorities of the international agenda, but now it is becoming quite politically incorrect due to the sensitivities surrounding the issue, including religion, economics, family planning and inequality. of genre. However, ignoring the problem is not something we can afford to do.

Mother – Caring For 7 Billion is an innovative and award-winning film about the controversies that surround a world of 7 billion, and a woman's journey to make sense of it. Tells the story of Beth, an activist for the rights of the American mother and child, and her journey to understand how and why the empowerment of women and girls around the world is so closely linked to our destiny on this planet . With world-renowned experts to help explain the controversies, the film tackles cultural aspects such as gender equality, religion, reproductive health and the environment. Despite the sensitive issues and the persistence of its controversy, the film is a beacon of hope, showing the strength of the human spirit to make a better world. It highlights a different path for the future, with the women of the world leading the way through an educational mentality instead of one of invading and conquering.

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