Citrus against cancer: It's in the shell!

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Did you know …

… Can citrus peels help protect and prevent cancer?

Fresh tangerines on a wooden tableThe anti-cancer benefits of citrus fruits have been mentioned for a long time. Citrus fruits are not only associated with a 10% reduction in the risk of breast cancer, but the consumption of orange juice in particular has shown a defensive influence in childhood leukemia, and the antioxidant impact of vitamin C is undeniable.

Now, however, research has revealed that other anticancer agents are found not only in the fruit of citrus, but also in the peels, along with a compound that improves the effectiveness of a DNA repair enzyme. Citrus peels are, after all, the first line of defense for a fruit, and as such are loaded with antimicrobial, antioxidant and even anticancer attributes.

The amazing power of the shells

Citrus shells contain a carotenoid called cryptoxanthin beta, which can help repair broken strands of DNA. When toxins and carcinogens (cancer causing substances) come in contact with cells, the DNA strands can be cut. The DNA repair enzymes then reconnect these broken strands as best they can. Laboratory studies in in vitro cells show that when this citrus carotenoid is added, the repair is done twice as fast.

Human tests confirm this rapid repair process. Two hours after drinking orange juice, the test subjects extracted their blood. It seems that the consumption of orange juice decreased the harmful effects for the DNA of a mutagenic chemical.

Citrus peels, such as lemon peel, also contain modified citrus pectin (CCM) and limonoides. It has been shown that MCP suppresses the metastasis of prostate, breast and skin cancers. And the limonoids do much more than just make lightly bitter citrus peels; In vitro and animal studies suggest The limonoids can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells and cause the death of cancer cells.

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Protection against high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer

Flavonoids of citrus peel, such as naringenin naringin tangeretina hesperidin… Y Hespereti-Of all we can exercise an anti-cancer influence. But the flavone antioxidant. nobiletinIt is a standout It is found in the peels of oranges, tangerines and tangerines, It has been shown that nobiletin helps reduce harmful LDL cholesterol, protects against diabetes and suppresses the growth of cancer.

Several Japanese studies validate the anticancer potential of nobiletin. Researchers at the NARO Western Region Agricultural Research Center in Japan found that nobiletin suppressed the spread of leukemia by increasing the activity of natural killer cells. And a study from the Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan revealed that nobiletin inhibited the production of leukemic cells.

Other studies show that nobiletin extracted from citrus peel can block the development of certain types of prostate, breast, liver and stomach cancers.

Enjoying citrus peels

You can add a spicy flavor to your food with the zest of citrus peels. Use a vegetable peeler or a peeling knife to grate the citrus fruit. Remove the thin, colored skin and leave behind the bitter marrow. Add citrus to soups, salads, chickens or fish.

If you want to use the whole peel, do what the Moroccans do and keep whole lemons in a brine made of fresh lemon juice and salt. Ferment for 4 weeks, and then use the peel in salads, couscous or tagines. When it comes to consuming citrus peels, health experts point out the obvious importance of choosing organic fruits and washing them before eating those peels.

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