Chamomile – Benefits, side effects and useful tips

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The botanical name of this plant, Matricaria, is derived from the Latin word "uterus", because at that time it was used to treat diseases of women. Chamomile is derived from the ancient Greek and is translated as "apple of the earth", due to its aroma.

With the growing interest of the population in alternative therapy, many natural healing therapies have gained popularity. The media has welcomed some of these remedies, while others were blamed.

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Of all the essential oils, chamomile oil is the most appreciated throughout the world. Its sweet smell can delight everyone and is soothing to tired muscles.

The highest quality chamomile comes from the Nile Delta – Egypt. For chamomile tea to achieve a pleasant fruity aroma, it can be enhanced with sugar or honey.

Medicinal benefits of chamomile:

It is often taken to reduce various health problems, from toothaches to nervousness. Chamomile has been shown to be beneficial in relieving headaches and is a very natural relaxing herb known to those suffering from insomnia.

In many circles, chamomile tea is considered to have properties that induce sleep due to its natural compounds. It can also help in the treatment of digestive diseases through the stomach and calm the nerves.

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<p>Like many teas and herbs, chamomile should be used without adding milk, but this does not exclude the addition of honey, lemon, lime, cinnamon, etc. Chamomile mixed with mint administered for 2 weeks, 5 cups a day, will help eliminate chemicals that cause inflammation and muscle spasms.</p>
<p>Add a few drops of chamomile oil to the bath water will relieve all the stress of everyday life. If you add the oil in the baths in the morning, expect to have an energetic mood throughout the day. Using a chamomile deodorant aroma in the room will add pleasure to the entire home environment. ! ¿¿30! ¿30! ¿30 ¿30 ¿¿30 ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿! ¿30! ¿30 30! ¿30! 30! ¿Es 30 Es Es! ¿¿¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿30 ¿¿!</p>
<p>Chamomile is a tonic, bitter, stimulating, aromatic, analgesic, antispasmodic and stomach medicine. It is mainly used for external use to accelerate the healing and treatment of inflammation, and can be used internally to treat fever, stomach problems, anxiety and insomnia.</p>
<p>Clinical studies have clearly shown that chamomile has a weak sedative effect when administered as a tea. Tests in animals have shown that chamomile volatile oil, administered orally to rabbits with kidney problems, normalized the characteristic of uremia. This shows that chamomile can be used in kidney diseases.</p>
<p>It turns out that chamomile is useful to reduce inflammation in arthritis. It also relaxes the tense muscles of the intestines.</p>
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Precautions of use:

Chamomile is generally considered safe and non-toxic. Side effects are rare. Do not use tincture or chamomile essential oil during pregnancy. Chamomile can increase the anticoagulant effects. Do not take along with sedative drugs or alcohol.

Those who are allergic to ragweed or other plants of the Asteraceae family should avoid chamomile. It can interfere with blood clotting, so do not use it with aspirin or other substances that have anticoagulant properties. ! 30!!!!!! ¿30 30 Es!!!!! 30 30 Es 30 ¿¿! 30 Es!!!!!!!!!! 30 30 Es 30 Es 30 30 Es 30 Es 30 Es! 30 30 Es 30 Es!!!!!! ¿!! 30 30 Es 30 30 Es!!! ¿!! 30 30 Es 30!

Chamomile is a real treasure. Use it with care and it will only bring benefits. As it has been used for centuries with spectacular results, it will also be used from now on, especially when a new medicinal use is discovered for it every day.

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