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Did you sit at the desk all day? Relax with these 3 yoga classes

The documentary recently released, Poison circleexplores the idea coined for the first time in the 1981 book of the same name: once a pesticide is banned in the United States for its dangerous effects on health and the environment, companies are still authorized to manufacture it only for export . These toxic pesticides then circulate • Read More »

April Film Club – What Is Real

That is real? Being present and grateful in every moment of our lives requires practice. This month, on FMTV, we have released the new inspirational movie. "That is real". This film follows the personal journey of Jay Mac as he embarks on a personal journey to free his body, mind and soul from the human • Read More »

The Hip Hop Yoga playlist to try at home

Rick Ross and yoga are an unlikely combination, but for Beth Cooke it's just another day at the office. "It's like when you get lost in the dance, you lose yourself on the carpet." A former dancer, Cooke is now a yoga instructor for a studio born in Brooklyn called Y7. Three years young, Y7 • Read More »

Why should you teach your children to meditate?

Most of us have heard that meditation is good for our overall health. Meditation, a method of relaxation by concentrating on the mind and breathing for a certain time, has been linked to decreased levels of stress and increased happiness in adults. But what does meditation do for children? Its effects on our children are • Read More »

Try this 10-minute yoga class for busy people

Do you struggle to fit into a daily yoga practice? Or do not you have time for a 1 hour class? Sometimes just 10 minutes of yoga can offer great benefits. It could help you feel a little more energetic, to see your problems from a new perspective, or simply to improve your mood. This • Read More »

How to make the exercise fit your workday

While "digital offices" continually offer new opportunities for efficiency and communication, they can harm the health of their employees. A recent study added to the evidence that sitting for long periods of time leads to an increased mortality risk; This is especially true if a person sits for hours without getting up to move. "We • Read More »

Stretch your way to wellness (and loose a few kilos!)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so in the spirit of awareness, I would like to make everyone a little more aware of what awareness campaigns are actually doing. Did my overuse of the word "conscience" in the previous sentence cause your head to spin a little? Well, it's probably because the message of breast • Read More »

Express these 5 flows of yoga in your busy schedule

Office stretching | 15 minutes Join Lauren for these 15-minute yoga stretches that you can do directly from your office chair. This practice will take you through a series of simple postures that will stretch your neck, shoulders, chest, wrist, hip and lumbar spine. You will be surprised at how many poses you can do • Read More »

Try this 10 minute stress relief technique

Stress is one of the biggest challenges we face today. In fact, the World Health Organization has been quoted as saying that it is the "health epidemic of the 21st century". So, what is the fastest way to eliminate stress and deactivate hormones that destroy the health of your body? Breathing In fact, Dr. Libby, • Read More »