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What are the best minerals and vitamins for oily skin problems?

Vitamins play an important role in protecting overall health and in keeping the skin clean and flawless. However, it is difficult to consume enough vitamins through the daily diet. As a result, the skin can suffer many problems and problems, such as acne, dryness and opacity. Dry skin needs vitamins. The same goes for oily • Read More »

Importance of skin nutrition

The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health. "Dr. Georgiana Donadio, founder of the organization, is the fingerprint of what happens inside her body and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne and aging, are the manifestations of the internal needs of her body, including their nutritional needs. " National Institute of • Read More »

All about skin whitening therapy

Hello friends: Today, I receive many quarries about the treatment of skin whitening. Some of them are just curious and few are too serious to take this therapy. Interestingly, they give references to Kajol and Shilpa Shetty, I really do not know what kind of treatment they have received. Before starting this article, I want • Read More »

Frequently asked questions about chemical peels

What are they chemical peels? Chemical peels involve the use of an exfoliating chemical mix that removes damaged or older skin layers. The chemical mixture often includes one of the three chemicals: alpha hydroxyl acid, trichloroacetic acid or phenol or a combination. How are they performed?Doctors use one of the three strengths to achieve the • Read More »

12 tips for skin care you can do at home

Take care of your skin in the morning and at night with skin care products suitable for your type of complexion. Use a mild foaming cleanser that removes excess oil, but will not dry out excess skin. Wash your skin, exfoliate once a week and hydrate daily regardless of your complexion, since hydrated skin maintains • Read More »

Delays your aging process in a natural way

Aging is a natural process of life that affects everyone over time. However, "age with grace" is an option to look your best. Anyone can feel younger and healthier, however, not only the skin needs to be taken care of, but the whole body. The secret of anti-aging depends on the lifestyle, the food, the • Read More »

Benefits of cucumber skin – makes your skin smooth

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, which is a trace element that contributes to the resistance of our connective tissue. The connective tissue is what holds our body together. Cucumbers are effective when used for various skin problems, such as swelling under the eyes and sunburn. They also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids. These • Read More »

Home remedies for pimples

Pimples tend to affect teenagers, but they are not uncommon in adults either. They can have many causes and can appear in various parts of the body, not just the face. Depending on what caused them, they can be seen differently. Sometimes they can be painful and in most cases they have a devastating effect • Read More »