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Why do women like rough sex? 4 hot approaches to try

The art of scratching. Blows and sighs. Chewing. These can appear as part titles in a BDSM manual. In any case, they are really the most prepared and respected manual for sex in the world: the Kama Sutra, an ancient Hindu Indian substance made around 400 BC. Certainly, apparently, people have been having brutal sex • Read More »

How to mock

Mockery is a divine art that can allow you to have better and unforgettable sexual experiences. It works as a reinforcement of intimation in men. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep the emotion alive, which will allow you to be happy and satisfied. Let your action take you Women should always remember not to reveal • Read More »

Learn the art of seduction

What is seduction? It is about keeping your eyes fixed on the needs of another person and working accordingly. Do you want to seduce a man? Flirt with him, create uncomfortable situations, unexpected touches and want to persecute women? Spend time with her, create an appropriate romantic atmosphere. Some of the tips of seduction can • Read More »

The best dating tips for men

The weather is changing! In the era in which roles were defined for both men and women, in recent times gender equality and the objectives have given the new trend. As far as dating is concerned, both sexes are growing socially now, and the courtship has become too complex. The connection and intimate sessions have • Read More »

Top 7 sex positions for small penis

Men have made themselves feel sensitive about the size of their penis long enough! Believe it or not, the adage is true; Size does not matter, it's what you do with it. A prominent member does not result in good sex, and a small penis does not mean a monotonous sex life. The key to • Read More »

Ways to make a woman have sex with you

Follow these 13 secret tips to sleep with the woman of your choice. All men in this world have the desire to sleep with the woman they want to have sex with. But, most of them find it difficult to do because they use the wrong techniques to sleep with the woman. Having sex with • Read More »

10 Surprising kissing benefits you need to know

Exercising, meditating, a proper diet and, most importantly, staying away from social networks is an excellent way to stay happy and healthy. But there is one thing you may be ignoring. Did you know that participating in a kiss with your partner has positive and genuine effects on your health? Kissing is an expression that • Read More »

Things to keep in mind when having sex during periods

What comes to mind when you hear about sex during periods? Dirty? Exciting? Vanguard? Sex during periods is not for everyone, but that does not mean it is not so exciting. In any case, it is more pleasant due to its unconventional nature. It feels more like the forbidden fruit! There are many questions on • Read More »

15 topics to talk about in a happy relationship

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. The couple that openly shares their feelings with their partner not only tends to keep their relationship healthy, but also prevents their commitment from becoming boring and repetitive. When two people love each other desperately, they feel that they will never run out of words. But, in • Read More »

What is BDSM?

You may have found the term BDSM in different websites, movies and books, especially erotic ones. The most popular was the Fifty Shades series. In fact, most people came to know BDSM after watching the movie series or reading the Fifty Shades book series. Maybe, some have even tried to imitate him with their wives. • Read More »