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10 tips to make your long distance relationship work

The relationship is obviously an essence of life, and it is no secret that cultivating a real connection requires hard work and effort on both sides. But, TBH maintain a long distance relationship is not easy. It becomes difficult to keep the romance ON when a couple lives miles away from each other. Sometimes, the • Read More »

Learning to satisfy the woman in bed?

11 magical ways to satisfy the woman in bed Every man wants a sweet, adorable and sexy girlfriend / wife. But do you think that all the men in the world can satisfy his wife in particular? Well, the answer is "NO". Several studies have seen that it takes a little longer for a woman • Read More »

A brief description of Grool

Grool is a lubricant that all women produce when they are sexually active and are called vaginal discharge. Grool is very familiar to all women. Each girl experiences contrast. It is normal and varies in color, quantity, fragrance and balance. Although, all these factors also throughout the menstruation of each woman. The cervix and the • Read More »

Top 60 uncomfortable questions to ask a girl

Without a doubt, talking to a girl is a difficult task. Sometimes it is better to avoid the girl than to be ashamed in front of the girl who might not know who we are. Well, you should not worry now, since we have a list of 60 questions to ask a girl so you • Read More »

Omg: these six tips can help you seduce a married woman

Seducing a married woman is not a walk, and requires a lot of effort. Furthermore, with respect to seducing married women, it can be difficult if it is especially severe in your married life and you are not interested in extramarital affairs. But this does not mean you can not seduce a married woman older • Read More »

The 12 best sexual positions for a better pleasure

We do not underestimate it, but sex is the best thing two people can do together. Sex is the epitome of sharing. This is how we show ourselves the supreme love and how we connect at the deepest level. It's how we get undressed in front of others physically and emotionally. It goes without saying • Read More »

His Secret Obsession A Relationship Guide by James Bauer

Do you feel that your relationship is missing something? Do you think your male partner is moving away and is losing interest in you? Do you feel like attracting the attention and love of your spouse? Yes, yes, then His secret obsession is made especially for you, since it can help you get affection, devotion, • Read More »

The main rules of fast sex: how to catch your signal

The desire of the girl is the law. And the desire of a girl, even if not a relative, to receive a piece of fast sex is a legal mandate. This variant is an excellent way to diversify sexual life and strengthen relationships. In general, those who think they do not have to prepare for • Read More »

How to eat pussy like a champion?

We are well aware that nothing is more satisfying than licking a woman's pussy. It is perhaps more satisfying and erotic when you eat her pussy and practice oral sex. The essence of sex resides in the woman's vagina. A woman's vagina is perhaps the home of the clitoris, and it is the place that • Read More »

Things you should never say in a relationship

We are very aware of the fact that fights and arguments are an integral part of life, but we must remember that in the heat of an argument, we should never say anything bad to our partner. There are times when your partner will understand that you were angry, but there are several things that • Read More »