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How reading the Chinese face reveals the state of your health

The state of your general health can be as simple to discern as using the reading of the Chinese face to examine your face. This is what ancient healing systems say Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Face reading (mien shiang or mien xiang, pronounced "myen-shung") originated in China almost 3,000 years ago. Originally, this • Read More »

Salt therapy a powerful healing detoxifier

Salt has a bad reputation these days, thanks to its excessive use in the standard American diet. Therefore, it is not surprising that few people are aware of The amazing healing powers of salt.. However, the fact is that salt has been known as a powerful remedy for health since ancient times, especially for respiratory • Read More »

Allicin – Crush to release the health benefits of garlic

Since the first recorded history of mankind, garlic has been used for several crops for medicinal purposes. Healers from Rome, Egypt, Greece, China, Japan and India, who had no opportunity to interact, We all use garlic to treat the same ailments.. According to these ancient civilizations, garlic increases metabolism and energy, helps with respiratory problems • Read More »

The benefits of oil extraction revitalize your health and well-being

How an ancient Ayurvedic remedy called "oil extraction" can revitalize your health and well-being by detoxifying your mouth … and your whole body Recently, an unorthodox method called oil extraction, derived from an ancient oriental medical tradition called Ayurveda, has become a popular method to address oral health, reverse chronic diseases and improve general well-being. • Read More »

Under the mistletoe: how this "kissing grass" cures cancer

Mistletoe has been used for a long time as a Christmas decoration, but did you know that it has medicinal qualities, and the ability to cure cancer is the most important? Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on apple, oak and other broadleaf trees in Europe, Asia, America and Korea. Take white glutinous berries • Read More »

4 ways in which probiotics can reduce infections, flu and colds

Probiotics are bacteria or yeast introduced in the body to help in the total health of the body. It may seem counterproductive to consume microorganisms on purpose, but our body naturally contains many beneficial bacteria (the digestive system only contains more than 500 organisms) that help keep our complex processes running smoothly. Maintaining the right • Read More »

Beet juice, mouthwash and your next endurance race

These three things have absolutely nothing in common at first sight. However, health professionals and scientists have been exploring the very real connection between the three and, in fact, have found a common thread. Read on to see how beet juice and mouthwash can affect your next endurance race. Beet juice and resistance Andrew Jones, • Read More »

How foods affect your mood: the link between food and depression

Depression is a mental health condition that affects more than 120 million people around the world. Depression can cause brutal suffering, and existing treatments are far from perfect. However, new research suggests that the answer may be as simple as what you eat. Recent studies have confirmed a strong link between the foods we eat • Read More »

What is BPA? A generalized toxin that contaminates your body daily

Approximately 93% of US citizens. UU They have a positive result for this toxin and, however, you are probably still wondering: "WHAT IS BPA?" BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is a highly toxic industrial chemical, a form of synthetic estrogen developed in the 1930s. Since the 1960s, the food and beverage industries have been • Read More »