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Ursolic acid can keep obesity away with the help of an apple

New research from the University of Iowa shows how apples can trigger weight loss and improve metabolic dysfunction. The study shows how a substance highly concentrated in the skin of apples, called Ursolic acid: It can stimulate metabolism and directly influence gene expression to help maintain optimal weight and health. Fighting obesity by increasing muscle • Read More »

Benefits of argan oil – healing liquid gold from Morocco

In recent years, an incredible Moroccan oil called Argan oil (Argania spinosa) has become such a hot product that a New York Times The publisher called it "liquid gold". Since its meteoric rise in popularity, the benefits of argan oil have been the subject of numerous research studies. The proven benefits of this honey-colored hazelnut-flavored • Read More »

Can prickly pear cactus juice cure diabetes?

Could the answer be found to prevent, control and reverse your type 2 diabetes in the juice of a common cactus? the Opuntia Ficus-Indica It is known as the Nopal cactus, but it is more commonly known as the cactus cactus. Nopal grows wild and abundant in desert climates such as Mexico, Arizona, New Mexico • Read More »

A secret weapon for digestive health

The secret pill that Europeans use to skip theGas, bloating and constipation For generations, people who live in a European region famous for their heavy meals and difficult to digest have relied on A natural remedy to remain completely free of gastrointestinal disorders. Now, science confirms that this remedy not only addresses common problems, but • Read More »

Oregano oil: a powerful antibiotic

Did you know …That this common "Italian" spice is an extremely powerful antibiotic? Is it likely that you have already heard about the recently discovered superbug in the United States that is resistant to all known antibiotics? This news marks a turning point for antibiotics, which have already been the legitimate subject of a large • Read More »

Could the leaf of Aloe Arborescens treat AIDS?

Did you know that … all that leaf? aloe arborescens (not to be confused with aloe vera) it has been shown that reduce cancerous tumors-And you have clinical proof of effectiveness in the treatment of AIDS? Aloe arborescens is like the brother who often overlooks the most popular aloe vera, a medicinal plant widely used • Read More »

Get rid of toxins in the body naturally

Did you know that … the typical modern person has a liver? enlarged to twice the size of a healthy liver Why storage undesirable toxins? Here is how a comprehensive food-based supplement can be one of The most powerful natural ways to get rid of toxins in the body. … and it has also been • Read More »

Benefits of Maca for various health conditions

Benefits of Maca: a super herb that has been used to cure a variety of health conditions The Peruvian herb, maca, is not only one of the best-known natural aphrodisiacs, it is also highly beneficial for health … Maca (Lepidium meyenii), an abundant root vegetable belonging to the radish family, grows in the Andean plateaus • Read More »

Detoxify your body with a common weed found everywhere

Did you know that … a common weed has such amazing medicinal benefits that gardeners may want to start cultivating it instead of tearing it out? While gardeners can not get rid of the feared dandelion fast enough, Western medicine is eager for more of this potent medicinal plant. Used for centuries by herbalists for • Read More »