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Bulimia and how to treat it

Bulimia is classified as an eating disorder that falls into the "serious" category. Usually, people who suffer from bulimia overeat a large amount of food and then begin to purge it. One of the most common forms of purging is to vomit immediately after eating, but there are also people who take laxatives or diuretics • Read More »

Ginger beer and the benefits it brings

Ginger has long been known as a protector of our health. In general, we take advantage of its medicinal power by making it into teas or grating our food. But, did you know that a good glass of ginger beer is also good to consume at the end (or at the beginning) of a good • Read More »

Peanut oil and its incredible beauty and health benefits

When choosing which oil to use for cooking, you should pay attention to the temperature at which it is burned. When it comes to salads, you can choose from a variety of healthy oils. We can not say the same about cooking oils. In this case, the oil should have a high smoke point. This • Read More »

Remedies for dry throat that you can do at home

An effective remedy for dry throat should not only alleviate the rough and rough feeling in the throat, but should also attack the real cause of dryness, which in most cases is a virus. However, most remedies are quick fixes and relieve symptoms only momentarily. They do not really address the underlying cause, such as • Read More »

Natural treatments for poor circulation

People with circulatory system problems have limited blood flow to the toes, fingers, hands and legs. Plaque, a fatty substance, blocks blood vessels and veins and arteries harden. As a result, normal blood flow is interrupted and poor circulation arises. If left untreated, this condition can be quite serious and can cause diseases such as • Read More »

Recipe for wise tincture for menopause: preparation and administration

They say that Sage is a real panacea, because of its power to prevent and treat more than 60 different diseases. Sage tincture is the best form of administration, which the body absorbs quickly and completely, with immediate results. Sage tincture is a miracle medicine especially for women's diseases. Sage strengthens the nervous system, restores • Read More »

Are you eating too much sugar? – 10 Signs to look for

We're pretty sure you know how much sugar it can cause. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or adrenal fatigue are just some of the consequences generated by excessive consumption of sugar. How much sugar do you consume every day? Here are 10 signs that will indicate if you are eating too many sweets: You are tired / • Read More »

Lavender Tea – Properties, Recipe and Administration

Lavender has numerous valuable therapeutic properties: antiseptic, diuretic and soothing. Products that contain lavender, such as infusions and tinctures, are extremely useful when it comes to biliary dyskinesia, bloating and migraines. Tincture and essential oil are useful for neurosis and mental overload. Internal therapy with infusions, essential oils and honey is beneficial for respiratory disorders • Read More »