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Natural cleaner for your face

The stores are full of many cosmetic products that promise a bright and hydrated face in a short time. When we decide to buy a cosmetic product, we must pay attention to the chemicals it contains and how they will affect our face in time. The best option is to always use natural products made • Read More »

Patchouli essential oil – Uses and benefits

The name of the plant from whose leaves the patchouli essential oil is produced is Pogostemon Cablin, and can be found exclusively in Southeast Asia and Sumatra. The plant is part of the same family as mint, sage or lavender. The production process of this essential oil is long and involves a process of steam • Read More »

Get rid of naturally swollen fingers

The inflamed fingers can be caused by a multitude of factors, most of them are not too dangerous for your overall health. In general, they are the result of inflammation. Another reason is the accumulation of fluids. If you notice mild inflammation, you should know that this can be successfully treated at home, with some • Read More »

Home remedies for joint pain that give amazing results

Joint pain is a widespread problem and many people suffer from it. It is quite common among the elderly and the elderly. There are certain factors that can cause joint pain, such as joint injuries, arthritis, tendenitis, bursitis and excessive joint tension. There are several remedies for joint pain that are easy to use and • Read More »

Psoriasis – A Herbalist Approach

Psoriasis is a systemic disease mediated by the common immune system, characterized by periods of remission and relapse, and by skin lesions (patches of red scales, papules and plaques) that usually cause itching. But hey, if you have it, you probably already know them. What you should also know is how the herbs can help • Read More »

Eat apple cider vinegar before bed and see the benefits

While it is very likely that you have used apple cider vinegar as an ingredient for your meals, it can be a surprise to know that you can really drink it without diluting it. The health benefits it brings, as a result, are of a wide variety, which allows it to significantly improve the overall • Read More »

4 incredible natural remedies for common diseases

The word homeopathy is the result of two Greek words: homeos meaning "I like" or "similar" and "pathos or patheia" which means suffering. The word means "similar suffering" or simply means treating the same. The natural homeopathic herbal remedies are part of this system of complementary and balanced treatment of the disease in which the • Read More »

How to treat your palpitations at home

Palpitations are characterized by irregular heartbeats, which are sometimes too fast or too hard and even fluttering. They can be a terrible thing to experience and the first thing you should do in case this happens is not to do it. panic! Believe it or not, it will make the rhythm of your heart go • Read More »

Propolis Drink – Recipe

This medicinal combination is extremely efficient and it is always beneficial to have it at home. It is especially useful during the cold season when your immunity is weaker and you are more prone to diseases. Propolis is a potent natural product and has an extensive pharmacological action. It is especially recommended for its antibacterial • Read More »