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March FMTV Film Club: The Code of Abundance

Ginger is full of macro and micronutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. It is even classified as one of the healthiest spices in the world according to the The healthiest foods in the world. There are many reasons to incorporate ginger into our daily eating patterns. Not only does it provide a distinctive aroma and • Read More »

What is resistance to antibiotics? (And how to prevent it!)

In August 2016, Nevada public health officials confirmed that a resident of Washoe County had been hospitalized because he was infected with an antibiotic-resistant superbug. A superbug is a strain of bacteria that has become resistant to all antibiotics in the United States. What is the antibiotic Superbug? The superbug is known as Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, • Read More »

The 6 biggest myths of cholesterol denied

Could it be that everything that your doctor and the media have made you believe about high cholesterol and its connection to heart disease is false? YES! As I recently got into a Avocado salad, it made me think about cholesterol and how misunderstood it is. In fact, its bad reputation has corrupted the credibility • Read More »

Are you addicted to your phone?

Staying connected is paramount in today's digital society, but is our immeasurable obsession with our smartphones affecting our internal health? In the last 10 years, we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we use technology, specifically with the rise of smartphones that emerged from the launch of Apple's iconic iPhone. Marketed as technology • Read More »

10 easy ways to fall asleep anywhere in 5 minutes or less

Throwing, flipping and desperately counting sheep … insomnia is totally torturous and any form of sleep pressure is never fun. If left unchecked, it can damage our health, mood, productivity and quality of life in general. Maybe you travel a lot, work shifts or have disordered sleep patterns. Maybe I'm a little stressed and have • Read More »

How constipation can get fat

Did you know that slow bowel movements can hinder weight loss? Yes, you heard correctly. Not going to the bathroom regularly for a number two can mean that love is handled, abdominal fat and trembling bits cling to life and become part of the family. Let me connect the weight gain points and no poop • Read More »

How to find safe drinking water for your family

Is your lawn perfectly groomed but only contains inedible plants? Why not transform your patio into an edible garden? Imagine that you would never have to buy salads or vegetables again, how much would you save? Watch this video of an urban family in Los Angeles and discover how they can harvest 3 tons of • Read More »

The best movies to discover the purpose of your life

Discovering yourself is a journey that can take time and can often lead you astray or without being, reconnecting with your inner ambition and finding your true destiny in life with one of FMTV's inspiring documentaries. We have chosen the best transforming and successful films to help you ignite that inner spark and make all • Read More »

What are the healthiest alcoholic beverages?

Many people are curious about the details of my diet. I am often asked about the how, what Y when of my eating patterns. However, my diet is not 100% rigid. And the reality is that my life, maybe like yours, is busy and, sometimes, unpredictable. We often travel for work or to visit the • Read More »