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30 potent herbs and spices that kill pain quickly

Did you know that the solution for your toothache, muscle pain or upset stomach could be on your spice rack or window box? It is true! Apart from the fact that herbs and spices have been used medicinally for thousands of years, countless scientific studies show that most have unique healing qualities and anti-inflammatory benefits. • Read More »

6 home remedies to instantly relieve sensitive teeth

You know that feeling, you bite into a hot, cold, sweet or bitter food, only to experience a sudden sharp pain that seeps deep into the nerve endings of your tooth, which is known as tooth sensitivity and can be caused by any of the following dental problems: Enamel that has been worn with the • Read More »

How apple cider vinegar can help treat arthritis and joint pain

Apple cider vinegar has been a traditional home remedy for arthritis for thousands of years. The healing and health promoting properties of apple cider vinegar are readily available and not prohibitively expensive, probably discovered by trial and error, but have been tried and tested over and over again. Modern medicine can discredit it, citing the • Read More »

Home remedies for abscessed teeth

A tooth with abscess is a painful infection at the origin of a tooth or in the middle of the tooth and the gum. It happens because of serious caries that when the pulp in the root canal dies and swells and becomes rough. Other reasons for tooth abscess are a tension in the tooth, • Read More »

Benefits and side effects of the pomegranate that you should know

We know very well that the pomegranate is considered a perfect fruit in terms of health and taste benefits. The pomegranate is full of vitamins and healthy antioxidants that provide nutrients to the body efficiently. The amount of antioxidant that the pomegranate contains is almost three times that of red wine or green tea. In • Read More »

Home remedies to turn white yellow teeth naturally

A beautiful smile becomes more beautiful when your teeth are white and not yellow. Today, the type of food we eat and drink, it becomes difficult to keep white teeth. Young people and children are dealing with the problem of yellow or pale teeth only because of bad eating habits, and they want yellow teeth • Read More »

Foods rich in biotin for better health and healthy hair

Foods rich in biotin Biotin is an important vitamin B that is soluble in water. It works as an essential nutrient that helps in the metabolic process to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The vitamin is also important for the development of strong nails, healthy hair, skin and proper functioning of the liver. • Read More »

Organic coconut oil so your skin exceeds the blues of winter

Would you like to use natural oil that is free of all preservatives, chemicals? Is it available and is it a complete solution for all your skin problems? The answer is organic coconut oil. Organic coconut oil is cheap and can be cured. Combat all winter blues and give it a shiny, smooth and wrinkle-free • Read More »