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March FMTV Film Club: The Code of Abundance

Ginger is full of macro and micronutrients, fatty acids and amino acids. It is even classified as one of the healthiest spices in the world according to the The healthiest foods in the world. There are many reasons to incorporate ginger into our daily eating patterns. Not only does it provide a distinctive aroma and • Read More »

Eat your way to happiness (video)

Energy, vitality and serotonin: everything is in your food! A healthy vision of nutrition is essential for our mental stability, emotional resistance and physical health. We do not need an extreme vision, only a healthy one! This short video will show you that! Source: Tags: depression, films, Health Tips Comments are closed here.

Why having a good diet is not the only answer to be healthy

So he drinks cabbage and spinach shakes every day, eats gluten-free organic porridge with homemade walnut milk and is very rigid with his diet without dairy, without gluten, without yeast, without sugar, without pesticides. . Yes, you have everything suspended. But do you remember nurturing the most important part of your body? Do you still • Read More »

The scientifically proven method to make you happy!

It is usually taught or transmitted to us through our parents and families, and is as common and unrecognized as the kitchen sink. This inherited gem is the ability to feel and express gratitude. While we may think that this is simply polite behavior, studies have found that gratitude is much deeper and has an • Read More »

Raw cocoa vs. cocoa: What is the difference?

Cocoa and cocoa are the same … they are also very different! We do not want to confuse you, but we do want you to discover the truth about your differences. Fortunately, Sarah Wilson has the facts for you! First, Sarah's story … Almost four years ago I gave up sugar. What began as a • Read More »

Chocolate can be good for you, in the right dose!

In recent years some interesting scientific studies have emerged about chocolate. There is also a lot of confusion about chocolate: what type of food to eat and how much, what types to avoid, etc., so I hope to dispel some of the myths about this topic. Chocolate can be used therapeutically, but only if it • Read More »

April Film Club – What Is Real

That is real? Being present and grateful in every moment of our lives requires practice. This month, on FMTV, we have released the new inspirational movie. "That is real". This film follows the personal journey of Jay Mac as he embarks on a personal journey to free his body, mind and soul from the human • Read More »

10 things you should stop pursuing to make your life easier

10 things you should stop pursuing to make your life easier Everyone in this world wants to remain happy. People are looking for so many ways to stay happy. Few of them were happy with their family, while few felt happy with their devices. Now, to achieve happiness, you need to make your life easier. • Read More »

8 self-love strategies to reduce your stress levels naturally

Eliminate stress, pamper yourself and support your body through daily stress with these holistic self-love strategies to make you feel amazing in no time. 1. Drink a cup of tea But not any cup of tea … Choose a soothing chamomile! This soothing herbal infusion has been used for centuries to create calm, calm an • Read More »