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How to make stone chanca tea

Drink Chanca stone tea brings a series of health benefits, particularly for the liver Y kidneys, but knowing how to prepare properly is also important. What is Chanca Piedra tea? Chanca piedra is a tea. herbal tea Elaborated from the dry leaves of the stone chanca plant, which bears the scientific name. Phyllanthus niruri. The • Read More »

5 Health benefits of iced tea without sugar

Drink sugarfree tea It is very common for those who want to avoid adding too much. sugar to your diet, while still benefiting from the other nutrients found in tea. What is tea without sugar? Tea without sugar is a common name for iced tea (black or green) that's not Also sweetened with sugar. [1] • Read More »

What is a green tea with milk

Consuming a Green Tea Latte from time to time is a unique way to add a bit of variety to your health drinks, but still, they benefit from a nutrient-rich beverage. What is a green tea with milk? A green tea Coffee with milk is a variation of green tea that is made similar to • Read More »

What is the green tea shot?

When you hear the wordsGreen Tea shot, "can conjure up an image of a double green health booster tea. But an injection of green tea is actually a popular cocktail made with Jameson Irish whiskey It looks greenish, and hence the name! The infusions of green tea have a refreshing. tasty try and do for • Read More »

Gin vs Vodka: which is better

In the debate of the gin vs. vodka, it can be easy to mix these two clearings liquorsBut after a single sip, the difference becomes very clear! Gin vs Vodka There are many differences between the two alcoholic drinks, let's take a look at them in detail below. What are gin and vodka? Both are • Read More »

Proven benefits and nutritional facts of soft sweet tea

Sweet tea It is a popular Summer time drink, particularly in certain parts of the United States, but there are some nutritional Factors that you should keep in mind before serving a glass. What is sweet tea? In a nutshell, this is a kind of you black which is combined with sugar while the drink • Read More »

Rice Wine: Benefits and How to Do It

You can be aware of rice came if you have not traveled to Asia or have not tried many exotic forms of alcohol, but it has a series of health benefits that you should know. What is rice wine? Although labeled as "wine", rice wine has more similarity with beer, as it is created from • Read More »

The incredible health benefits of cranberry juice

Blueberry The juice has many surprising health benefits, such as the prevention of age-related oxidative damage, the reduction of the heart and other chronic diseases, and the treatment of urinary tract infections and other infections. It also helps improve digestion and supports postmenopausal health. It is also beneficial in prevent stomach upsets and diabetes, as • Read More »

6 best coconut milk substitutes

Many people are looking for a great Coconut Milk Substitute, both for health reasons and for availability when preparing certain meals. Fortunately, there are many viable substitutes for coconut milk that you can add to your pantry. Substitute for coconut milk The best substitutes for coconut milk include spiced milk, yogurt, nut Milk, soy milk, • Read More »

What is Cabernet Franc?

Cabernet Franc is a slightly less common variety of Red wine It has a unique flavor and a series of health benefits for you to enjoy. What is Cabernet Franc? Cabernet Franc is a black grape Varietal wine that is grown all over the world. The wine made with Cabernet Franc. grapes It tends to • Read More »