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How much fruit should we really be eating?

Fructose has caused a good deal of controversy. With the widespread publication of health problems related to corn syrups with high fructose content and excessive intake of fructose, the "fear of fructose" is understandable. In addition, we all know that too much sugar in general is bad news for your health. It contributes to weight • Read More »

Pumpkin seeds aka Nuggets – Nature's perfect snack

In December 2000, a judge of the US District Court. UU He ruled that the US Department of Agriculture UU (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) violated federal laws when they selected individuals with known financial links to various food industries to serve as members of the Food Guidelines Advisory Committee. • Read More »

The drop in the toxicity of lead: What is it about?

Almost everyone can improve their health by reducing the levels of inflammation in their body. Inflammation is one of the main forces behind aging and disease, however, most of us, unknowingly, are feeding it through the foods we eat and the lifestyle we live. Poor diet choices, a stressful lifestyle, pollution and lack of exercise • Read More »

Natural ways to prevent and reverse autoimmune diseases

It has innumerable immune cells in every corner of your body that constantly work to stay healthy by identifying, packaging and eliminating harmful substances that have been introduced into your blood. If your immune system weakens and you begin to identify some of your own tissues as harmful or unnecessary, it will work to attack • Read More »

Are you addicted to your phone?

Staying connected is paramount in today's digital society, but is our immeasurable obsession with our smartphones affecting our internal health? In the last 10 years, we have seen a paradigm shift in the way we use technology, specifically with the rise of smartphones that emerged from the launch of Apple's iconic iPhone. Marketed as technology • Read More »

10 easy ways to fall asleep anywhere in 5 minutes or less

Throwing, flipping and desperately counting sheep … insomnia is totally torturous and any form of sleep pressure is never fun. If left unchecked, it can damage our health, mood, productivity and quality of life in general. Maybe you travel a lot, work shifts or have disordered sleep patterns. Maybe I'm a little stressed and have • Read More »

The scientifically proven method to make you happy!

It is usually taught or transmitted to us through our parents and families, and is as common and unrecognized as the kitchen sink. This inherited gem is the ability to feel and express gratitude. While we may think that this is simply polite behavior, studies have found that gratitude is much deeper and has an • Read More »

Raw cocoa vs. cocoa: What is the difference?

Cocoa and cocoa are the same … they are also very different! We do not want to confuse you, but we do want you to discover the truth about your differences. Fortunately, Sarah Wilson has the facts for you! First, Sarah's story … Almost four years ago I gave up sugar. What began as a • Read More »

Chocolate can be good for you, in the right dose!

In recent years some interesting scientific studies have emerged about chocolate. There is also a lot of confusion about chocolate: what type of food to eat and how much, what types to avoid, etc., so I hope to dispel some of the myths about this topic. Chocolate can be used therapeutically, but only if it • Read More »