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Do collagen supplements really work?

In a world that is so focused on outward appearance, it can be difficult to make informed and ethical decisions when it comes to beauty products. Thanks to a sea of ​​twisted marketing messages, photoshop models, celebrity endorsements, reality TV shows and other elements of our society that pressure women to look "perfect" rather than • Read More »

Natural alternatives to aging by Dr. Christiane Northrup

The idea of ​​aging can be quite daunting for some people. We might ask ourselves, "How can someone become a goddess without age?" Aging is designed to be an opportunity to increase your value and competence. As for the musicians and many artists, that is precisely what happens. These creative individuals are involved in eternal • Read More »

Can coconut oil reverse Alzheimer's?

The incredible story of a man One morning, last month, Vrajlal Parmar got up, washed and dressed, and at 10 o'clock in the morning he boarded the council minibus to a nearby leisure center. At night, the former worker of the production line in London, 67, took the bus home. Nothing remarkable there, except that • Read More »

5 things you can do to protect yourself from Alzheimer's disease

People are often told that little can be done to prevent Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. A recent study has results that show that those with greater purpose in life and some specific nutrition approaches can result in the maintenance of better cognitive ability. (NaturalNews) A study led by Dr. Patricia Boyle of • Read More »

DIY moisturizing mask

From left to right: Corinne Gouget (author of a fantastic book on food additives) who helped organize everything for us in France – thank you Corinne!, James Colquhoun (me) and Laurentine in a great organic restaurant called Phyto Bar on Blvd. St Germain in Paris. We just got home after a "Food Matters" tour • Read More »

Yerba Mate VS. Green Tea

In my college days, I was an avid green tea drinker. I was consuming 2 to 4 cups of green tea a day. While enjoying the solid benefits of effective epigallocatechin (EGCG). Green tea is famous for containing the potent amino acid l-theanine, which is known to increase focus and promote a relaxed mentality. L-theanine • Read More »

Try this 10-minute yoga class for busy people

Do you struggle to fit into a daily yoga practice? Or do not you have time for a 1 hour class? Sometimes just 10 minutes of yoga can offer great benefits. It could help you feel a little more energetic, to see your problems from a new perspective, or simply to improve your mood. This • Read More »

Inverse aging with organic sulfur

Nobody talks about the health benefits of organic sulfur. It is really the forgotten mineral, but the third most abundant in your body. Only phosphorus and calcium can be found in larger amounts. Did you know that sulfur is present in all living organisms? Even the Food and Nutrition Board of the United States has • Read More »

Do you want radiant skin? Try these 12 hydration tips!

Water is essential for all body systems to function optimally and, therefore, drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for good health and general well-being. Water plays a vital role in digestion, blood circulation, absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins. The body uses water to help heal from damage or illness, and • Read More »

7 non-negotiable health (of health professionals)

Most of us propose to live a "healthy" life, but very often, the activity and stressors in our lives can see us compromising these good intentions and making less healthy choices for convenience. We are not just talking about food. In fact, there are a number of factors that contribute to your health, or that • Read More »