Cancer can happen to anyone! Just avoid these

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Studies suggest that approximately 44% of men and 39% of women are susceptible to developing cancer in their lives, which is terrifying news! Now, studies have been conducted around the world that provide some statistics that show that there are some definitive conclusions that may be related to the cause of the cancer. There are several risks that we will discuss to raise awareness about "feared" cancer to help people have a clear perspective on it.

Of smoking

The most important factor in today's time that is considered life-threatening is smoking! It is a risk factor for lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, throat, tongue, palate, etc. It has become a status symbol for smoking and is considered fresh, many of which are passively exposed by their spouses and family members, which puts them at risk of danger too. Smoking should be banned at home and in the office, etc. ., to prevent other people from risking heart disease.

Chewable tobacco

Tobacco people chew and produce no smoke is very common in Asian countries such as India, which is not good for smoking and causes injuries and precancerous conditions before turning into cancer. It's just as harmful as smoking. Avoid!


Liquors usually include whiskey and brandy. But new studies show that drinking one or two of the spirits or beer can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer. Consider avoiding alcohol or if that is not possible at that time or if you find it difficult, try to reduce your intake slowly and gradually.

Oh! Sun

It is considered that actinic radiation in sunlight causes keratotic lesions on the lips of farmers who usually work long hours in the fields; but the pigmentation of melanin on the lips protects the malignant conversion in most cases.

Environmental smog

Many chemicals escape from industrial chimneys and industries, including suspected carcinogens. Benzene exits in the automobile exhaust. The factors that favor the accumulation of ozone and lead to smog alerts can cause these chemicals to accumulate. To avoid contamination, avoid exercising near high traffic areas and on contaminated days try to stay indoors, mainly during smog alerts.

Lifestyle disorders

Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes a day keeps the weight under control, can reduce the risk of several types of cancer, mainly colon and breast cancer, and also helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and bone loss.

Choosing the wrong food

Researchers have discovered high levels of carcinogens in French fries and French fries. Try to avoid charred meat, limit the consumption of red meat to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Decrease the consumption of fatty fish such as carp, catfish, sea bass, king mackerel, etc. Always choose a well-balanced diet rich in fiber such as lentils and whole grains and low in fat along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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