Bulimia and how to treat it

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Bulimia is classified as an eating disorder that falls into the "serious" category. Usually, people who suffer from bulimia overeat a large amount of food and then begin to purge it. One of the most common forms of purging is to vomit immediately after eating, but there are also people who take laxatives or diuretics to speed up the process. Excessive workouts can also be seen as a sign of bulimia. This type of exercise appears as a result of guilt, preventing the gain of unwanted pounds.

remedies for bulimia

Bulimia is more common in women than in men. 1% of women have at least some type of eating disorder, regardless of the severity. In fact, bulimia is not as life-threatening as anorexia (literally starving), but it's still incredibly serious. There were many cases of bulimia that were associated with depression and suicidal tendencies.

Treating bulimia naturally

Bulimia is a disease that is as physical as it is psychological. Most of the time, patients will be prescribed some type of treatment, which has been shown to be effective, to help them solve the disorder. Relapses can sometimes occur, which means that the symptoms of bulimia will return even after the treatment is over. However, studies show that if you combine specialized treatment with several natural solutions, you are less prone to relapse and can prevent bulimia much more easily. This is what you should consider if bulimia affects you:

Aloe vera juice

Eating and purging continuously is meant to affect your gastrointestinal tract, which will make you feel more bloated than you should. A person with bulimia will see this as a weight problem, making the eating disorder even more serious. However, consuming aloe vera juice can help relieve problems of the gastrointestinal tract, eliminating the general symptoms that trigger the eating disorder.

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Oily fish

Fatty types of fish are best suited for people with bulimia. Omega-3 fatty acids have long been considered as mood stabilizers and will make people less likely to plunge into relapse. Also, these types of fish are low in fat and calories (and high in protein), which make them perfect if you want to lose a couple of pounds.


Ginseng supplements are a great help for bulimia, simply because it can calm the brain. It can also help to stabilize the mood, so you will be less likely to be affected by the anxiety, depression and compulsive behavior associated with bulimia.


Constant vomiting and the use of laxatives completely kill the good bacteria in the intestine. However, by replenishing your system with probiotic foods, both your physical health and your mental health can be kept in order.


Spinach is rich in folic acid, making it the perfect ingredient for your mood. As a mood stabilizer, spinach can prevent the stress, anxiety and depression of bulimia, which makes it less likely to suffer a relapse.

You can also combine these treatments with a little yoga, painting music or writing. However, you must remember that it is beautiful as it is and that you do not have to ruin your health to fit a social standard.

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