Bone spur: causes and symptoms

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Bone spurs or the osteophytes are additional bones that appear as a high projection due to continuous pressure and wear of the bones. This condition usually occurs in jointship feet feet spine back, knees and the hands.

A person suffering from this condition experiences severe pain in the region accompanied by inflexibility at that point. This occurs due to obstruction in the free movement of the joint, leaving the person immobile. Being educated, prepared and a little cautious can prevent the additional appearance of bone spurs.

Causes of bone spur

Bone spurs can arise due to several reasons, most of which are natural. It can happen due to the following:

Aging Change in calcium Body regime. Tissue degeneration General wear and tear. Physiological changes Obesity Application of continuous pressure. Excessive use of joints such as jogging, heavy. exercise, run, dance or play.

Basically, the underlying The factors are the tear of cartilage, the softening of tendons and the gradual weakening of muscles. [1]

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Bone spur symptoms

One can easily distinguish the presence of bone spur in the body. Some of the symptoms are summarized below:

Sharp or smooth projection below the skin Restricted movement along the joints. Remarkable. swelling Most common severe pain in arthritis numbness of patients calluses Y calluses They occur on the foot due to excessive tissue damage.

They are simple and easy to make. home remedies which are available for the treatment of bone spurs. Although if the problem persists, one should consult a doctor, since the growing bone spur can damage the surrounding nerves.

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Bone stimulation: causes and symptoms, reference:

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