Blisters on the feet: types and causes

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Blisters they are like small boil It can appear anywhere on your body, especially on the hands, feet and sometimes even the face. They contain a fluid-as a substance that is often confused with water. Possible causes of blisters include more than stress In your body, sweating, wearing new. Shoes, and constant friction during physical activity. There is no difference between the blisters you get on your hands and feet. They are the result of a gap between the interior. skin Coat and the outer layer of the skin.

Types of blisters

The blisters can be classified into three different groups:

Ampoules of fever, that usually appear on the face. Blisters of blood, that are usually accidental. Say, for example, that the top layer of your skin gets stuck or pinched by some object by mistake that lifts the top layer and creates a space. Friction ampoules, which can be caused by heat, open air or work in water without gloves.

Causes of foot blisters

Blisters on the feet They can be caused by a series of things, which are:

Moisture is the main cause that leads to the formation of blisters on the feet. Through the continuous rubbing of the skin with the shoes. Is applies Pressure on the skin and therefore the formation. [1] A condition called athleteThe foot can also cause blisters on the feet. The skin becomes. hot spicy and then it opens. It is the result of a mushrooms infection. Another cause of blisters on the feet can be dyshidrotic. eczema. Very common in women, this condition causes blisters on the lower part of the feet and the palms of the hands. They last around 3 weeks and occur in people who are more prone to allergies. Contact dermatitis It can also lead to small blisters. Overexposure to various chemicals, dyes, fragrances, the medicines can also cause blisters. Poison-ivy is another one irritating This can cause blisters on the feet.

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Blisters on the feet: types and causes, reference:

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